Monday, October 23, 2017


A first breath to get a glimpse of life's beauty
A first exhale to discover the two options of existence

A first cry to announce the glory of the open potentiality
A first smile to prove that angels fly

A first touch to realize our bond is eternal
A first separation to learn that distance can not beat love

A first sight to see the external part of a familiar voice
A first sleep to dream the impossible you so generously offered

All I could ever dream
All I could ever love
With you
For you

Now I know...

Life games 
Roads and bridges
Doors with no path 
Windows with no view

Only to reach a place
Only to rewind time
Only to meet the one
Only to welcome you..

My first 
My eternal... 

Thank you life.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Small dark lake, peaceful with no life
Wild plants on its banks flourish and thrive

Ducks and birds, like ghost, smile and cry
A white swan attempts to fly

A hunter’s shot fires in the sky
The lake stays silent, no one knows why

Some steps behind are counting weeks
The time has stopped and nature shrinks

The wind whispers wordless lullabies
The branches struggle, try to make strong allies

The sun warms and awakens the will
My angel is still here, dies but tries to feel

A battle has losses but war is still on..
My fight is eternal, now I am not alone

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Let the sun invade your secret dusty caves
Pave the way
Trust the sunbeam’s confident travels

Let the wind blow your mind’s thirst
Get inspired, act 
Change costume to the mummy of your routine

Let the flower inflame your stiff senses
Seize the second
Its petals will be older after your next blinking

Let people disturb your golden peaceful aura 
Share your space and time
A breath next to you is warmer than your skin’s blanket  

Let the rain wash your flesh 
and clean the dirt

Be open

One drop is enough sometimes
not more 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Ride your white horse far away
You champion
No obstacle will be ever in front of you

Set sails and let the winds guide you
You skipper
New lands are there for you now to discover

Write new scripts of what you see that we don't
You writer
And I will be there one day to read them all 

Fly high and reach the sky limits
You traveler
This world was probably too small for you

Little time, strong memories
Our amazing secret moments are now eternal..

Goodbye my friend
Goodbye my lover
You will always be there in my heart 
À bientôt

Monday, March 2, 2015


You are born.
You are raised with comfort, values.
You make dreams; you pursue them all, every day.
You spend years investing in yourself, you need to repay.
You work hard, you struggle for success, to reach higher, to thrive.
You write a story you are proud of, and you keep sharing it with everyone.

And then one day, you see an old man walking alone.
You approach.
He asks you to say three things you have done well in your life.
Your major achievements, your life deliverables.
You reply easily: career, travels, friends.
He remains silence.
You rephrase anxiously: friends, career, travels.
He looks at you calmly without responding.
Then, he asks you to think the three things you feel ashamed of, or pity.
He is not waiting for an answer, he leaves quietly.
You are thankful you do not have to answer.  
You close your eyes.
You know.
Your flaws still remain well hidden. 
You feel safe. 
None knows.
You walk away. 
It's just you again.
You and your three achievements. 
You hear a buzz behind. 
Three shadows follow you.
It’s your secret world. 
Your real tale.

Why you left”? I asked.

You prove who you are 
by your weaknesses,  
for which you would never speak; 
they would destroy your tale”, 
replied the old man.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


New lands knit a golden lace
Old hands reshape an iced face

Old foam rinsed by a found ego
New poem written by a lost echo

New voices singing familiar hymns
Old choices lost in a Bible of hints

Old worlds die out of dry flips
New words whispered by wet lips

New start invites dreams and charm
Old heart smiles now strong and calm

Start by welcoming the new.
But finish by thanking the old. 

Just three letters, before and after. 
Old & new

Between them, three letters again 

Saturday, November 8, 2014


I have no idea what is going to happen next,
I said.

The unexpected is the magic,
You replied. 

Make big steps, go away and look back only when you arrive,
He insisted.

Then close your eyes and remember only those that were still there when you left,
She added.

“True” is a rare word and if combined with another is your power,
We admitted.

Make the hunting of this word your own game,
You advised. 

Then the second word will approach,
They confessed.

How will I know what is "true"? 
When the lonely "e" in the word will be replaced by the double "st".  


The double has always more power.


Sunday, October 12, 2014


Somewhere between the vanity and happiness lies the incompatibility, someone said.
Thus, an invisible quiet and slow soul-beggar ignited stealthily the story of my lost sound.

Pleasure, Passion, Petulance and Pain, all P's went pissed one day and attacked me while sleeping.
Exposed to the thunder I licked the caustic drops; helpless, I weakly assembled all damaged pieces.

Clean and lean, brain-feeded by routine, slowly I forgot and pursued soft and silky ways of Lethe.
The heart-leaking stopped and I selected names to fit the faces of people inside bursting to get out.

Since then, daily, my eyes take pictures blinking, digesting in iris the unspoken words of mouth.
Ι do not expect anything, I confessed one night, just a hand in mine in our small walk of illusions.

Leave me alone in my noise, I begged; Dance with me in my silence, you commanded.
Count to ten and I’ll be there, you said; Countdown and I’ ll be away, I never replied.

All the way to the sick and dirty path of ignorance, I sucked regrets and spit them out, all.
Guided by mind’s obsessions and body’s darkest desires, I quit and became an observer.

Of people that come from the future smiling, with beautiful white roses in hands or under the skin.
Of promises spoken by respectful mouths; with severity and warmth, chasing hesitation away.  

Of surly people that come from the past, impudent, careless; ready to smash up things & lives.
And then retreated back, empty and cold-blooded, into their delusive ambitions and vast carelessness.

Of myself, approaching new lands, leaving behind shoddy rapists; promising to venture further out.
Listening to the music, ignoring the misleading ado; speaking loudly humble words of nothingness.  

I have no illusions, I have spent them all on my travels; my eternal damaged clock shows zero time.
My only luggage, a smile; a lonely curved face-line that always prevails strong when nobody knows.

A blend in my pocket hides; Mistakes and wisdom cover the brittle skin of my future and happiness.
Craving traces of change, my only constant reality; flirting humbly with the risk of the unexpected.

It's beyond my control; come close to my neck and whisper, bet, fight, prove, dare to win or die.
Do not settle, I pray; If I respond, leave; If I stay still, break the cold mold and come in, explore.   

Speak. Shout. Scream. Sing. Hope your words find their way, lost in the labyrinth of a deaf ear.
My hearing, a sublimated gold; and though the sound flies no more, a whistle will always be my reminder.

In the world of senses, thunder approached.
All senses found a way to escape. 

The sight asked the eye-lids to blink and shut.
The touch covered its skin with the veil of immobility. 
The smell invited breath and they fled together to hostile lungs. 
The taste made love to the wet tongue locked in their dark room.  
The hearing stayed alone and asked for help.
None responded. 

Helpless and scared, the exposed ear heard the thunder.
A strong pop slapped its nude boldness.

Deafness tied the ears with a strike and dominated. 
The ear surrendered to the power of incompetence.

Lived with the curse and blessing of silence since then.
But in grace. 
It was the only one who admired the lightning in the dark sky. 
And the only one who will stay naked next time. 
Daring to listen to the thunder coming.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


On my way to reach the end of love's marathon, I sing
Observing the future running faster than the past, I think

Hungry for a love that will flourish and last, You dream
Frightened by encounters that imprison, You scream

Solving problems that twist my heart,  You coach
Charmed by my daring life and ideas, You approach

Terrified by sounds that have no tomorrow, I lock
Trying to welcome presents that time offers, I knock

Amused by success that ties your wrists, You fight
Holding a cigar and lost in a smoke of memories, You light

Guided by a compass that lead me to directions you admire, I sail
Trying to erase a smile that is yours since you met me, You fail

Gifted with the power to transform frames into ladders, I live
Realizing the preciousness of seconds versus eternity, I forgive

Reborn in a place where miracles happen, I become your teacher
Embracing the past as a wise old friend, I give birth to my future

Rational mind, deep emotions, mature choices, true love and luck
From this point on, I decide, there is no turning back.

In wrong places there is always the right moment.

To find something you were missing.
Something that you ignored its existance and value.

Lonely there, it was waiting to be found.
Some call it a "happy accident".
I call it a "sad happiness".
Sad for the time lost without it.
Happiness for the unexpected gift.
This moment is called "serendipity".

[*serendipity: one of the rare English words
that can not be translated into other languages]