Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fortune teller

"Show me your hand"..a furtune teller once said, reading my life's file
You are kind and happy, fate will try to steal your smile
You will be betrayed, many times, will fight, try to run alone your life's mile.

You will resist, you are brave, you are born to be strong and smart
You will love, again and again, will donate all your soul and heart
All will adore you, no one will follow your trip, will decide to leave all apart

Your feet will tremble and balance under earthquake's shock, love and hate
Sunshine will come into your life when you surrender to your mysterious fate
A crucial reversal will wake you up, soon to be discovered by your soulmate.

You will feel the passion, the regret, the sorrow deep
He will appear from nowhere will kiss you softly in your sleep
Will both decide to make a start, leave behind the storm, lead the ship.

True love will come late in your life, but will stay there till the end
Your match so perfect, complete; will forget words like "fear", "lies" and "pretend"
Together will find happiness and peace, will breath and live as one head.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Extending your thoughts behind your life imagination and limits is a difficult task.
Living as blind walkers in our lonely routine trip.
Handicapped by useless societal and moral necessities.
Prisoners of lost expectations in our body and soul.
Afraid of exposing, dreaming, daring, risking, living.
Persons that we would never select to have as our best friends.

Look around.
Thousands are walking the same time as you walk.
Hundreds are making love the same time as you do.
Millions are talking the same time you try to speak louder.
How do you differentiate yourself?

Have you ever wondered where is your real happiness hidden and why you are not looking for it?
What is the right time to become the amazing person you meet everyday and you never uncover?
How you devote yourself to the purpose of transforming yourself to the hero you admire?
What is your talent, the sectors you are gifted in and why you keep denying them?
What is the tricky point that guides you to all those that you always dreamed of?
Why you leave your body thirsty when you are dying for love and passion?
When do you expect to live the way you wish, break free, enjoy?
What is your spirit whispering every night before you sleep?
When you expect to follow your real passion inside you?
What about extending your life to see what is behind?
You are not curious enough?
Then just breath.

I love this song. 
You are a great piano player. 

Don't know about the piano. 
What is important for me 
is to be a good traveler... 

Precious present

What are you hiding at your back?
I have brought something for you.
What is it?
Something that I'm sure you like.
How do you know?
This is what I've heard about women.
Is it chocolates?
No, but I will buy you some if you like.
Is it the love songs disk we talked about?
No, but I will search everywhere to bring it to you.
It really doesn't matter. Whatever it is, I will keep it all my life.
It is not possible.
They say nothing last forever, but I don't believe it.
Tell me, I am anxious to see it.
I brought you some flowers.
So beautiful. Wish I could keep them forever.
I promise to bring you flowers everyday if this makes you smile.
I will always smile. The most precious present is you.

Will you marry me when we get older?
Of course I will. You are my man.
We will always be together. I will take care of you. I will make you happy.

Never forget your innocence. 
Speak like a child. 
Mean every word you say. 
Make dreams. 
Love deeply. 
It's free. 

Monday, May 27, 2013


You seem so familiar.
I’m a stranger.
Have we ever met?
Sure we did.
I don’t remember you.
You have met me many times.
Is this possible?
I’m the one you are wishing for, but you never focused.
Did I have to?
You should.
Who are you?
I’m the one you pass by, but you never see.
Why I haven’t seen you?
You always seem so absorbed, so busy to notice.
I want to meet you.

Then open your eyes and this time look. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


You stand alone. 
You have succeeded all your life targets.
You spent your life fighting to prove your value. 
You are successful, or at least you feel you are. 
You have everything. 
You should be happy now. 
You are not. 
You feel more alone than ever. 
You know well how to hide your fears. 
You are fed by shallow desires of one night. 
You try to balance your life in fake emotions. 
You fool yourself that you reached your life purpose. 
You sit down and think. 
You meet with your familiar silence. 
Υοu face your deepest truth. 
You are always feeling something is missing. 
You can now see clearly. 
You will never be complete. 
You miss one piece. 
The most precious one.

The one that you left to drop behind. 
The one that was hiding all your secrets. 
The one that was watching your game silently. 
The one that you neglected when you had the time. 
The one that touched you so deeply and you denied. 
The one that accepted you as you were, incomplete.
The one that your soul was praying for day and night. 
The one that you always thought will be there for you.
The one that you easily forgot lost in your expectations. 
The one that you chased but left behind again to use it latter. 
The one that you never realized its value until you lost it forever.
The one that is now stuck on the floor; heavy, lonely, silent, proud.  
The one that will never complete your puzzle in your life's chessboard. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Black Ribbon

Are you afraid of the unknown?
I do. 
You seem so strong. You smile. Don't you care?
I do. 
Do you remember those precious moments that we shared?
I do. 
I feel lonely. What about you?
I do. 
Never seeing you again is the most unbearable pain. Do you feel the same way?
I do. 
I will go on. I have no other choice. Do you forgive me?
I do. 
A black ribbon around my neck today to honor our love and goodbye. Do you think I should keep it forever?
I do. 

Why you always say "I do"? 
I say what I will never hear from you again. And you have every reason for it. And this kills me. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Passion Bet

Let your senses uncovered, hold my hand
Resurrect, discover my new mysterious land

Travel my path, explore me, don’t feel shy
Confess me all your sins, make me cry

Come closer, guide me, draw my skin
Admit it, you will never resist in our eternal sin

Hear your passion, escape, be mine
Dominate me, dare, shape our dreams’ line

We match in a devil way, let yourself betray
In our addicted lust I will always obey

Devote, think of your most sinful desire
Make it real, break free, boost the fire

Liberate your fears, untie your true aim
Let us be one, surrender to our thirsty flame

You are my new love, complete me; let yourself die
In my body, in my soul, don’t pretend and lie

Live my body, feel its spasm and let behind
All your worries, past and mind

Touch my end, hug my breath in the dark
Listen to my heartbeat, feel free, bet your mark




Monday, May 20, 2013


If I could freeze heart, it would be that time
You hold me tight, fragile and broken, made it align

If I could freeze life, it would be yours
To keep it mine, to bestride our dreams’ horse

If I could freeze soul, it would be ours
The one we had, killed by years and hours

If I could freeze love, it would be mine
The one I felt in our first touch, eternal divine

If I could freeze time, it would be the eve
Before I go, before you leave

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life bottle

The perception of life is a personal thing. It is like a bottle of wine and reflects the way you choose to perform its sensory analysis. 

There are many people that always like to see the bottle half empty. The bottle has not finished yet and they are worrying about ordering another one. They find no pleasure in it but tasting it in isolation, even among crowd or friends. Their senses are their worst enemy. They knock on their door and they repel them as undesirable visitors. Senses soon go away and never come back. Their glass seem invisible; just the cheap vehicle that transfers their liquid medication into their mouth. Its weight is heavier than steel, insufferable. They are anxious to drink and diminish this unbearable pain. They only see its liquid nature as a prisoner that needs to escape. They drink it quickly to satisfy their thirst, to heal from their sick reality, their addiction to misery; their only shelter to hide their insecurities. They surrender to their overpowering need for alcohol, their closest friend. They try to resurrect their weak being. Stuck in their past, they drink to forget; they drink to exorcise their ghosts.

There are others that always believe the bottle is half full. They don't need another one. This is enough and priceless. They are social drinkers, life lovers; they love sharing it as the ultimate symbol of their hearty nature. Their senses are activated every moment. They pause and focus on each step. They touch softly their glass; they admire its shape, its miraculous content. They swirl it gently and they are amazed to follow its crazy dance within its space limits. They feel its light weight as holding the most fragile and precious thing, being thankful for what is offered to them; their most honorable gift. They admire its fluid magnificence that reflects the unshaped potential of their life. They liberate themselves to be seduced by its essential soul components. They are ecstatic by its aroma and they are lost in its emerging bouquet of flavors. Tasting flight is an exotic trip. Every sip is a unique fantasy that unlocks their infinite power. They close their eyes and enjoy it as it is their last one. They are positive thinkers; optimism is their only nature and choice. They drink to create new unforgettable moments.

Now open your life bottle, taste it and give the scoring. 

Drink it slowly. 
There will not be a second one. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013


I am neither handsome, nor rich, always busy, rather the type of guy you should avoid.
I like you. Your insightful, incisive, inquisitive, irreverent mind. Your wise and intelligent nature. 

Why? What I offer you?
You make me think. You travel me. You teach me. You make me admire you. I'm so proud you exist. 

We haven’t shared common experiences in life. 
Who told you common experiences are enough to create strong bonds?

What is stronger?
Communication. Wit. Clever talks, questions, answers. Evil sense of humor. 

What made you fall in love with me?
The stronger aphrodisiac that keeps me tied. I will always surrender. Your brain. 


sapien = wise or intelligent 
sexualis = relating to the sexes

Friday, May 17, 2013


You spend all your day trying to think.
You have to analyze all possible paths, routes, bridges and walls.
You must make decisions for your life.
You look around you.
You realize you are alone.
You feel lonely.
You go out for a quick walk.
You meet some people.
You call them friends.
You like their company.
You hope that you will feel better.
You will forget.
You try to communicate.
You pretend.
You know that.
You present your usual icon.
You are fine and happy.
You try to hide your fears.
You hate yourself for doing this.
You need to speak.
You decide to be brave.
You know these are your friends.
You have chosen them.
You love them.
You trust them.
You do? 
You don’t know exactly what you feel.
You are confused. 
You know deep inside. 
You use them to fill your empty moments.
You want to change this.
You want to come closer.
You want them to know.
You want them to be part of your life.
You open your mouth.
You try to say something.
You freeze.
You hide anxiously your frightened intention.
You have lost the chance one more time. 
You face terrified the dark side of yourself.
You feel so ashamed.
You can not share anything with them.
You prefer to stay speechless.
You prefer to hear them.
You want to be invisible, safe.
You feel exhausted knowing the truth.
You are loosing the fight with your mind. 
You face your worst nightmare.
You have lost your identity.
You can not share your thoughts.
You can not present your heart. 
You have one?
You believe no one can help you.
You are afraid of others' reaction.
You see yourself as a reflection of their ghosts.
You feel that your emotions are all that you have.
You think that speaking may destroy their potential.
You are terrified that their and your words will haunt you.
You feel beaten, defeated.
You are too weak to admit it.
You do not dare to expose yourself.
You don’t want to destroy the face you have created.
You soon realize that you are alone.
You have no friends.
You are noone among them.
You can not trust anyone.
You live just for yourself.
You suddenly realize something that terrifies you worse.
You do not dare to speak to yourself either.  
You have just rejected this silent speechless friend too. 
You feel sad. 
You understand that you have to deal with it. 
You know the secret.  
You look forward to it. 
You return back home. 
You open your laptop.
Here you are again.
Secure in your couch.
Spending time.
Thirsty behind your screen.
Ready to confess to those that don't know you.
Those that you will never meet.
Those that accept you.
The way you present yourself.
You trust them more than anyone.
You depend on them.
You are addicted.
Safe among the unknown.
You are happy in your virtual life.
And you hate your real one.
You feel peaceful.
Behind your miserable mask.
Away from your real friends.
Avoiding to think.
Avoiding to live.
Relaxed in your familiar dark and silent room.
You look for yourself.
You are absent.
In the gap you created.

Wake up! your instict shouts. 
Honor your life trip! 
Get up! 
Go out there!
Meet your real friends!
Make them friends again!
Expose yourself! 


Thursday, May 16, 2013


Are you feeling too small, or your surrounding is too big?
You try to look around, understand, participate, hear, speak…
You fight to present the glory of yourself. 
Become someone. 
Prove the reason behind your existence.
To whom?

Where are you? Your body follows you, or you follow it?
A headache; just your thoughts trying to escape. Always. 
Your  feelings betray you the next second.
You want to be the one that others dreamed about you. 
Who exactly? What about your real wishes? Do you have any?
Why you are not happy in your successful quietness?

Want to dissappear; which direction will lead you to nowhere? 
You look at the light and you decide to follow it.
Going back is a game for loosers. 
Unexplored is the challenge.
You make your trip, experience, enjoy.You spend your life. 
You soon realize one thing. You are too small. 

Noone is really watching you; noone follows your trip. 
Except maybe your parents and people that really love you. Who are they? 
Accept it, live with it, go on. Bthankful, simple, humble.
Stop pretending you know everything, you 're the best, you can save the world. 
Your world is you, and a bunch of those little precious you usually deny. 
You feed yourself with your real dreams, those that you forgot; every day. 

You still remain small.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Is the curtain closed or open?
I'm thinking of our moments often

We both made mistakes
The result now full of aches

Our love started from the end
Lost in desire without pretend

Naive, we let our passion slop
Now guilty searching hope

My impulse inside commands
I took our destiny in my hands

Wanted to follow my vision
Finally I chose your decision

It should have been ours
I was counting hours

My mind and soul in pain
Life was rolling in my vein

Thought you cared
I felt alone and scared

Was not seeing clearly
I paid it dearly

Wanted you to be close
The end came in one dose

I asked you to leave it behind
Needed some peace of mind

Time to heal and rest
We are strong, deserve the best

Now afraid to make a plan
I know I miss our fun

Life played its most cruel game
If it's true our feelings will remain

If fate give us a chance
This time we'll try to make it last

We 'll give it time to grow
Will follow our emotions flow

We'll hear each others voice
Decisions will be only common choice

If our story recounts a new start
Will be yours with all my heart

Our trip will guide us longer
We will come out of it stronger

Together will fight the worry
We both deserve a sorry


Sometimes all you need is a good wine, some friends around and a great appetite to live out of bounds.
You need to spend some time with familiarity, forget all your worries and become a child again.
You need to laugh out loud and speak without thinking, recovering embarrassing secrets.  
You need to dance like no one is watching you, becoming ridiculous till you fall down. 
You need to share funny stories and stupid moments and humiliate the present.
You need to sing, no matter how out of tune and terrible you‘re heard.
You need to repeat the words "marvellous" and "perfect" many times. 
You know you will feel ashamed the next day, but you don’t care.
You need to set yourself free, without rules, without hesitations.
You need to spend some time with your carefree nature. 
You need to feel like you‘re just reborn and clean.
You need to break free through your exposure.
You need to let all toxic thoughts go away. 
You need to mess around and just look.
You need to forget your ordinary life.
You need to live with all your senses.
You need to play with your limits.
You need to spoil yourself. 
You focus on present. 
This time is all yours.
You refill yourself.
You feel alive. 
You go on. 

Defragment finished.




Turning back...

Am I proud?
Did I enjoy love?
What changed me?
How I reacted to fears?
Did I follow the right path?
Which actions defined me?
When was the right moment?
Did I live my life as I wished?
Which rules governed my life?
What I did wrong that kills me?
Did I have the courage to forget?
What places I should have visited?
Are good moments more than bad?
What I should have chosen instead?
Which talks should have been made?
Did I treat well those that I care about?
Which words should have stayed unspoken?
Which ones that left really deserved to be with?
Which ones that stayed loved me truly after all?
Why I treated everyone else so well except myself?
Who was the one that really touched my heart and soul?
What was the most significant and precious moment I lived?
When was I expecting to take off the black cloth from my eyes?
Why I didn't understand that life is too short to spend it regretting?

Moving forward...

Will I give all my best to become the one that I am dreaming of?
Will I have the courage to prove to myself who I really am?
Will I be thankful for all the miracles I was blessed to live?
Will I find a way to be balance logic and emotion?
Will I be patient and respectful to people I love?
Will I ever repay the happiness I received?
Will my mistakes remind me how to live?
Will I guide myself closer to my desires?
Will I forgive those that made me cry?
Will my passion show me the way?
Which choices will determine me?
Will I be faithful to my believes?
Will I recover my real face?
Will I fight or just follow?
What I wish for myself?
Will I break the rules?
Will I keep walking?
Will I be stronger?
Will I know how?
Will I fight fears?
Will I be happy?
Will I succeed?
Will I love?
Will I live?

Dear past, thank you for your lessons, 
Dear future, I am ready. 
One o' clock, time to live my present. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Find him

The one that always finds reasons to be close to you
                …just because he cannot be away
                …no matter how far he is 
The one you are his only choice
                …From the beginning
                …Till the end
The one that admires you
                …and supports and believes in you
                …and your choices
The one that is your best friend
                …makes sincere talks, makes you laugh 
                …and is always by your side
The one that travels you 
               ...even without leaving home
The one that feels lonely away from you
                …and is proud to admit it
                …to everyone
The one that kisses you before sleeping
                …and hugs you softly
                …and puts his face on yours 
The one that makes love to you
                …and again 
The one that gives you only tears of happiness
                …and cries with you
                …and wipe yours
The one that hears you carefully
                …and tries to understand
                …and respects you  
The one that tries to satisfy your needs
                …not because he has to
                …because this makes him satisfied too
The one that wants to have family with you one day if you want to
                …and kids
                …his greatest honor
The one that may leave you for a while
                …but is always there when you need him
                …and counts seconds to come back to you 
The one that knows how to share with you
                …because he feels nothing belongs to him 
                …nothing has value without having you in his life
The one that will be brave enough
                …for both of you
                …and make you feel safe, protected
The one that will be always yours
                …and you know that 
                …and he proves it every moment
The one that says he loves you
                …every day
                …with his actions

Find him. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Emotional vampire

You meet someone you really like
You date
He makes everything he can to impress you 
He says he likes you
You are honest and you express your feelings
You spend time together
Gradually you find yourself in love
You live your passion 
Every day you come closer and closer
You feel lucky you met love 
You devote your soul 
You start to make dreams
Suddenly something starts to change
It is this undefined moment that haunts you
Gradually sharing  starts to faint
He avoids to look you in the eyes
Pure and clear communication is past
Talks and touch begin to dwindle
You don't admit it
You try
No result
It is the start of the end
The end comes soon
You spend some time apart
You want to go on
Deep inside you still hope  
Then he appears again 
He missed you
You love him
You give a second chance
The broken glass breaks again after a while
The end, one more time
You decide to forget
You go on
Something happens and you see him around
You talk
You remember
This feeling that you haven’t forgotten
He says he has changed
You feel helpless in your desire for him
The second chances become your routine
After a while he shows you again his true face
You feel regret you gave him another chance
You fight with yourself for not being strong enough to end it
He has conquered your world, body and soul
You lost your dignity
You are weak
You feel exhausted
He leaves you empty
He has taken all your energy 
You are killed and you don’t know it
He has become your emotional vampire
You soon realize you hate yourself 
But..time loves you
Fate gives you the chance 
You wake up one day and you open the window 
In the room, in your soul, in your heart 
He disappears 

Sunday, May 12, 2013


When you suddenly find yourself face to face with unexpected events, events that come once in a lifetime and may change you forever, difficult situations that you have to choose between surrender and braveness, then it is time to evaluate yourself.

Your reactions to the facts, how gentle you remain, how calmly you face life, how you hug desires and tame your emotions.
How you treat, love and protect yourself and others, trying not to hurt and being hurt.
How you find the courage to see clearly the facts and decide keeping a good balance between logic and emotions.
How you are able to show your love with actions and not just empty words.
What person you prove you are based on the options you choose to follow. 

Will you select those that will make you be proud of yourself even though this choice may cost you forever?

Maybe no one will recognize this, maybe no one will ever know, maybe you will find yourself alone and unprotected.
It really doesn't matter.
It is you that will feel peaceful, will have the sense of superiority that you followed the right path.  
This is the time to measure if you really are a person worth being with. 

This is the time to measure if you are blessed to have the power to control you mind, respect yourself and others.  
This is the hard time to measure the greatness of your soul.
This is the time for you to proudly stand tall, completely naked, and reveal your real identity. 
This is the time to show who you really are. 


Your skin changed
Your face softened
Your eyes open again 
Your tears a rare visitor 
Your mouth smiles sometimes
Your talks calm
Your sleep again with dreams
Your memories smoothed
Your pain fainted
Your soul in peace
Your feelings start to balance
You need more time
But you now know
The healing started
You are reborn

Saturday, May 11, 2013


You cross the road to meet the love of your life, a car is your last memory.
You say goodbye with tears to the one you love, he proposes to you.
You buy a new big house, your are assigned a new job post abroad.
You decide to get married, you discover lies you can never forget.
You are a doctor and make the perfect surgery, the patient dies.
You need to be alone and make a trip, you meet your soulmate.
You quit the effort to make a child, you become pregnant.
You decide to follow your heart, there is no heart left.

There is a time that days are condensed, shapeless.
These days fate plays games with your courage.
You make decisions and she smiles at you.
You fight with her and she always wins.
You feel helpless and exhausted.
You need to escape.
You surrender.

You become a follower.


We met.
I was not expecting you to ask.
You were not expecting me to accept.
The place familiar, silently was following us with respect.
The two of us, again.
Looking at the future that we denied to live.
Cursing the past that was lost for no reason.
Trying to resurrect the present.
My deep pain was hidden under my smile.
You knew that.
Your sorrow and regret was covered by your gentle eyes.
I knew that.
We both could see hope fighting with the fear.

When was the right time to admit that it was our biggest mistake?
Will we ever regain what we felt or it is lost forever?
Why we left our unborn potential to die?

We both wished for a new start.
We both wished we could forgive.
We both wished this was our first date. 
We both were trying to forgive our lost moments.
We both were exploring reasons that could bring us together. 
We both were angry with the fate that didn't give us the chance.  
We both felt humiliated knowing that we destroyed our destiny.
We both were witnesses of a love that was killed in an immature game.
We both regretted that had not the courage to be brave when we had the time.
We both tried to ignore our ruthless desire to make love and get lost in our passion. 

Please don’t admit that you regret it, my eyes whispered full of sorrow.
I’m sorry, you were shouting in your silence.
Our eyes eternal game, always.
You looked at me. I miss you.
I hold your hand. I need you.
Questions and talks.
Wishes and regrets.

Friday, May 10, 2013


If regret had a face, it would be a little boy.
A beautiful and smart one unable to smile, made of stone.

If regret was a thing, it would be an expensive car.
Desired by most men, with no wheels to match.

If regret was a picture, it would be a peaceful lake.
Full of vegetation and fish, now desiccated and deserted.

If regret was a sound, it would be the sweetest melody.
Played by a deaf young artist in a small dark room.

If regret was a food, it would be a wine.
Old and priceless broken by an accident, never tasted. 

If regret was a color, it would be grey.
Jealous that will never become black or white.

If regret was a flower, it would be an orchid.
A rare one growing on a secret mountain, burnt by a fire.

If regret had a voice, it would be ours.
Singing our favorite song unable to be heard, under the sea. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Once upon a time there was a little girl.
She was afraid of the dark. 
She couldn't sleep alone at night.
She loved a little teddy bear 
She was holding him tight to fall asleep.
She called him LIGHT to have the feeling he was enlightening her dreams.
Time passed and the little girl became a beautiful woman.
She met love.
Gradually LIGHT was replaced by a man that took her fears away. 
She was feeling happy with him but not complete.
One day, fate decided to take him away from her.
She cried a lot for many nights.
She couldn't live without him, she couldn't forget.
She was sad and afraid of sleeping alone again.
She needed LIGHT, but couldn't find him.
He was lost together with her innocence.
The sorrow of her loss became softer and softer every night.
After some time she was finally sleeping without effort and fear, alone.  
Suddenly she realized that LIGHT was living inside her.
She was neither afraid of the dark anymore, nor being alone. 
Another love came in her life soon after.
This time it was her true love.
Maybe it was a love for a new man, maybe for herself.
She lived happily ever after.

[LIGHT*:  Love In Great Hearts Triumphs] 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Generous fate

Beware of what you are praying for.
Be precise.
Fate sometimes may become too generous, may give you exactly what you asked for.

You may ask for a "good job" and forget to add "with the conditions I want".
You may ask for a "date" and forget to add "for a good reason".
You may ask for a "lover" and forget to add "that will match with my desire".
You may ask for a "marriage" and forget to add "with a happy end".
You may ask for a "child" and forget to add "a healthy one within a loving family"
You may ask to "find your soul mate" and forget to add "and be blessed to live together".
You may ask to "forget" and forget to add "forever".

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Woke up in the middle of the night. 
The door was open. 
Was it open for you to come, or you just left?
Could not remember. 
Waited a few seconds to hear your footsteps. 
I heard my loud heartbeat in silence. 
Returned to bed to see if you are already there. 
A dark ghost of my memory kissed me. 
You were there. 
You smiled and hugged me tight. 
Our secret code instead of goodnight. 
Went back and closed the door. 
Felt the security of your lost existence. 
I slept calmly touching our eternal love. 
Tomorrow came late. 
Were you here last night or it was just a dream?
Are you coming or leaving?
Went to the door and opened it again. 

Monday, May 6, 2013


Home is where your life begins. It is your parents, your best friends, your brothers and sisters, the first sweet memories of your childhood. It is the place where your soul finds peace and where there is always a warm hand to take all your fears away and hold you softly. 

It is the place where your true love is waiting for you, the one that you dreamed of  living with all your life, the one that you wished to grow old together sharing simple happy moments; 
drinking wine in front of the fireplace, 
watching old movies holding one another's hand, 
sharing funny stories and laughing, 
confessing fears, mistakes 
talking with compassion and understanding, 
making dreams,
making love and sleeping late, 
waking up and making love again. 
staying speechless in the dark
being proud that time has no value, it is killed. 

Home is where your life ends, having shared all good and bad experiences that life can bring with the one you loved the most; keeping his hands and whispering:
 "Goodbye my love. Honored to have traveled this magnificent trip with you at our home". 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yes & No

Is it too early to say that I like you very much? 
No, I was afraid you would never ask.

Is this the sound of your heartbeat?
Yes, I was trying unsuccessfully to hide it.

Is distance a real obstacle to love?
No, the only obstacle is our hesitations.

Is it strong enough to last over time?
Yes, it is us that create it every day.

Is it too late to catch up our dream and live it?
No, it is never too late for dreams.

Is there a place to hide my irresistible desire for you?
Yes, you can get lost in my body and soul.

Is it allowed to fall in love with you knowing I’ll be hurt?
No, let me fall in love with you first.

Is it possible for us to create a miracle in such a short time?
Yes, miracles happen every day, this is ours.

Is it easy to forget my loneliness since the time you left?
No, it was just hard to decide between "I am not ready" and "I’m yours for ever".

Is there a name for your feeling when your secret lies were uncovered?
Yes, it is the feeling of everyday guilt, sorry I could not confess.

Is it a crime to admit I am still thinking of you?
No, the crime is you never told me. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Men's word

Men’s word counts. Never trust a man that cannot keep his word. Once he has done it once, he will never be faithful and trustful, ever again. Men's word is about everything, from everyday situations to the most serious life events. Men's word is about trust, strength, seriousness and reliability. It is a way of living in emotional life but also includes all aspects of life, personal, professional.  

Men’s word is not about men only; it is not related to sex, male or female. It is a phrase that is used for people who are brave, sincere and their word counts. Men’s word is a promise that is never allowed to be broken, no matter what the consequences are. Men's word should be considered only before spoken. Once he has given a promise he has to meet the expectations he created to himself and others, he has to go on; he has to be there, he has to do his best to support his decision. He has to be strong for all the others. He has no other choice.

In case he dares to take his decision back, he does not deserve anything but contempt. Maybe you decide to give him a second chance. Forgiveness is part of our nature. You will soon realize that no matter how many second chances you give, men's word will always be broken.  This kind of person is weak, selfish and dangerous; unworthy to love and to be loved.  He hurts without regret, has no real feelings, no dignity, no values. He is full of inferior emotions, pure egoism among them, full of insecurities. A miserable creature doomed to be alone, even among his most loving persons. You cannot change him or help him, no matter how hard you try. It is his personal choice to live like this, helpless. Ηe will never find peace in his soul.  

Once you have met a person like this in your life, go away and never look back, no matter how hard it is. You may have loved him with all your heart; you may have devoted to him all your dreams and soul. The truth is he will never be capable to love you truly, appreciate your real value and treat you the way you deserve.

Don’t waste your time with him; just let him go, without regret.
Find the one that respects his words, one that respect you; or let him find you.

Friday, May 3, 2013


What happened to your face?
I see you have changed in one night.
Am I better than before?
You look different.
Do you like my new face?
You look stronger, wiser.
I just had a trip and came back.
Was it far away?
It was the longest I ever had.
Did you live nice experiences?
Nice, no. But I learned a lot.
Tell me something you have learned.
To hear you, not others. Just you.