Thursday, May 16, 2013


Are you feeling too small, or your surrounding is too big?
You try to look around, understand, participate, hear, speak…
You fight to present the glory of yourself. 
Become someone. 
Prove the reason behind your existence.
To whom?

Where are you? Your body follows you, or you follow it?
A headache; just your thoughts trying to escape. Always. 
Your  feelings betray you the next second.
You want to be the one that others dreamed about you. 
Who exactly? What about your real wishes? Do you have any?
Why you are not happy in your successful quietness?

Want to dissappear; which direction will lead you to nowhere? 
You look at the light and you decide to follow it.
Going back is a game for loosers. 
Unexplored is the challenge.
You make your trip, experience, enjoy.You spend your life. 
You soon realize one thing. You are too small. 

Noone is really watching you; noone follows your trip. 
Except maybe your parents and people that really love you. Who are they? 
Accept it, live with it, go on. Bthankful, simple, humble.
Stop pretending you know everything, you 're the best, you can save the world. 
Your world is you, and a bunch of those little precious you usually deny. 
You feed yourself with your real dreams, those that you forgot; every day. 

You still remain small.

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