Monday, May 13, 2013

Emotional vampire

You meet someone you really like
You date
He makes everything he can to impress you 
He says he likes you
You are honest and you express your feelings
You spend time together
Gradually you find yourself in love
You live your passion 
Every day you come closer and closer
You feel lucky you met love 
You devote your soul 
You start to make dreams
Suddenly something starts to change
It is this undefined moment that haunts you
Gradually sharing  starts to faint
He avoids to look you in the eyes
Pure and clear communication is past
Talks and touch begin to dwindle
You don't admit it
You try
No result
It is the start of the end
The end comes soon
You spend some time apart
You want to go on
Deep inside you still hope  
Then he appears again 
He missed you
You love him
You give a second chance
The broken glass breaks again after a while
The end, one more time
You decide to forget
You go on
Something happens and you see him around
You talk
You remember
This feeling that you haven’t forgotten
He says he has changed
You feel helpless in your desire for him
The second chances become your routine
After a while he shows you again his true face
You feel regret you gave him another chance
You fight with yourself for not being strong enough to end it
He has conquered your world, body and soul
You lost your dignity
You are weak
You feel exhausted
He leaves you empty
He has taken all your energy 
You are killed and you don’t know it
He has become your emotional vampire
You soon realize you hate yourself 
But..time loves you
Fate gives you the chance 
You wake up one day and you open the window 
In the room, in your soul, in your heart 
He disappears 

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  1. Well Said dear,,........... Wonderful....... Yes we dont have courage and finally we break up whn we have nothing to say