Monday, May 6, 2013


Home is where your life begins. It is your parents, your best friends, your brothers and sisters, the first sweet memories of your childhood. It is the place where your soul finds peace and where there is always a warm hand to take all your fears away and hold you softly. 

It is the place where your true love is waiting for you, the one that you dreamed of  living with all your life, the one that you wished to grow old together sharing simple happy moments; 
drinking wine in front of the fireplace, 
watching old movies holding one another's hand, 
sharing funny stories and laughing, 
confessing fears, mistakes 
talking with compassion and understanding, 
making dreams,
making love and sleeping late, 
waking up and making love again. 
staying speechless in the dark
being proud that time has no value, it is killed. 

Home is where your life ends, having shared all good and bad experiences that life can bring with the one you loved the most; keeping his hands and whispering:
 "Goodbye my love. Honored to have traveled this magnificent trip with you at our home". 

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