Saturday, June 13, 2015


Let the sun invade your secret dusty caves
Pave the way
Trust the sunbeam’s confident travels

Let the wind blow your mind’s thirst
Get inspired, act 
Change costume to the mummy of your routine

Let the flower inflame your stiff senses
Seize the second
Its petals will be older after your next blinking

Let people disturb your golden peaceful aura 
Share your space and time
A breath next to you is warmer than your skin’s blanket  

Let the rain wash your flesh 
and clean the dirt

Be open

One drop is enough sometimes
not more 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Ride your white horse far away
You champion
No obstacle will be ever in front of you

Set sails and let the winds guide you
You skipper
New lands are there for you now to discover

Write new scripts of what you see that we don't
You writer
And I will be there one day to read them all 

Fly high and reach the sky limits
You traveler
This world was probably too small for you

Little time, strong memories
Our amazing secret moments are now eternal..

Goodbye my friend
Goodbye my lover
You will always be there in my heart 
À bientôt

Monday, March 2, 2015


You are born.
You are raised with comfort, values.
You make dreams; you pursue them all, every day.
You spend years investing in yourself, you need to repay.
You work hard, you struggle for success, to reach higher, to thrive.
You write a story you are proud of, and you keep sharing it with everyone.

And then one day, you see an old man walking alone.
You approach.
He asks you to say three things you have done well in your life.
Your major achievements, your life deliverables.
You reply easily: career, travels, friends.
He remains silence.
You rephrase anxiously: friends, career, travels.
He looks at you calmly without responding.
Then, he asks you to think the three things you feel ashamed of, or pity.
He is not waiting for an answer, he leaves quietly.
You are thankful you do not have to answer.  
You close your eyes.
You know.
Your flaws still remain well hidden. 
You feel safe. 
None knows.
You walk away. 
It's just you again.
You and your three achievements. 
You hear a buzz behind. 
Three shadows follow you.
It’s your secret world. 
Your real tale.

Why you left”? I asked.

You prove who you are 
by your weaknesses,  
for which you would never speak; 
they would destroy your tale”, 
replied the old man.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


New lands knit a golden lace
Old hands reshape an iced face

Old foam rinsed by a found ego
New poem written by a lost echo

New voices singing familiar hymns
Old choices lost in a Bible of hints

Old worlds die out of dry flips
New words whispered by wet lips

New start invites dreams and charm
Old heart smiles now strong and calm

Start by welcoming the new.
But finish by thanking the old. 

Just three letters, before and after. 
Old & new

Between them, three letters again