Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Some things in life are not easily taught. If you are lucky you are born with these gifts that follow you all your life. They are offered to you as a talent or charisma. They define you and determine all your actions, success and love life. Most of the times, they are even independent of your physical appearance, educational background and economic status. 

Charm. A personal thing. Difficult to define and hard thing to master. For some, it is the art of having an an attractive personality. Definitely the key component of distinction between those that know how to attract people around them easily and those that will always be isolated and tedious despite their hard efforts to be liked. Hopefully, it is not only an immanent characteristic but also a learning personal skill for those who know how to insist and win.

Charming recipe is about blending a mix of gentle habits that manage to seduce without intention, make others love you without even trying it. Charming magic components include: a unique genuine and inviting smile, a tempting way of making compliments and communicate with passion, a personal way of being elegant, a quick wit, a clever sense of humor with a dose of self-sarcasm and self-deprecating, a passionate way of loving and taking care of yourself, a natural way of being gentle and kind in hearsaying and finally an admirable way of feeling strong self-confidence. Adopting these elements in your everyday life and mixing them with a spicy dose of your personal touch is a recipe that will give you all that you need on your own way to become irresistible.

Fall in love with temptation and be a charmer. Seek this powerful weapon and adopt it. Charm yourself first. Then wear your most fascinating smile and let the others be seduced.  

Monday, April 29, 2013

Private meeting

If you were about to have a last private meeting with yourself, what would you say?

…”Υou have done it really well”, OR “you had to try harder”?
…”You were a good listener”, OR “your voice was the only noise”?
…”You were a life fighter”, OR “you were a coward and quit early”?
... ”You left your emotions empty”, OR “you loved with all your heart”?
…”You were a great supporter”, OR “you left alone all those that you shouldn't”?
…”You tried and succeeded against all odds”, OR “you failed and you just don’t admit it”?
…”You created something wonderful here”, OR “you sold cheaply all that life offered you”?

Really, would you speak at all, OR would you stay speechless?

Now, look yourself at the mirror and if you dare...speak.


There are always times when we make our personal fight in the dark. These times we need to be all alone, hide in our cave and just think. This strong need to hear our inner voice and discuss with it is essential to recover from hurt, strengthen our minds or just put some thoughts in order.

In this lonely self-discovery journey sometimes you realize that someone suddenly appears from nowhere and his words, touch or just presence, enlightens your dark and brings peace in your soul. His glowing capacity is crucial and influential, and his role undoubtedly determinant for you to make decisions, reborn from ashes, become stronger.

Maybe it is your soul mate, maybe your best friend,
Maybe your angel, maybe your fate.
It is your firefly. 

[*Dedicated to G.]

Sunday, April 28, 2013


It is put in our face since your are born and changes overtime.
Yesterday, tomorrow, in the afternoon the mask is not the same.

"Do" and "don’t" shape and define it.
It smiles, it is sad; it is freezing upon situations and crowd.

You don’t choose it.
It is just there reflecting others expectations and dreams.

It is not you.
Mask disappears only in loneliness.

Where is your face?  
Even the most beautiful mask is ugly compared to it.

Be yourself. Fight every moment to take this off.
Drop it and live, or stay alone.  


Enjoy. The last word my grandmother whispered to me before she died.
A wise message of an old woman to her adorable little granddaughter that loved with all her heart and soul. 

At that moment I didn't realize the meaning and depth of this very short and simple, sincere and true confession that she made, that was a distillate and essence of a whole life full of difficulties, wars, illnesses, deprivations.

Enjoy each day of your life like being the last one because life is too short and you never know if tomorrow will be the same.  Live now, live your present, but respect your actions to create your bright future.

Enjoy the air you breathe, celebrate the fact that you can see the clear blue sky and you can feel the dark lonely nights, you can walk, touch, hug and love.

Each moment, decision, action is precious and part of this unique plan that is called your life.
Spend your time only to things that make you happy and peaceful. What doesn't care about you, don’t deserve you. 

Love and appreciate everything that was given to you. Remember to be thankful for all those wonderful persons that you are blessed to meet and have around you, for the way of your living and for all those unforgettable experiences you lived so far. Not all people have this.

Be proud of all your actions, even the small ones. It is the small ones that define you.
Give all your affection and love to all those priceless small miracles that we usually take for granted.

Her only advice, wish, power, being, condensed in only one word.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our last moment

If I knew this was our last moment…

I would capture your taste in my mouth
I would touch the deepest part of your existence
I would sing you my forgotten dreams
I would let you to kiss my fears
I would fondle your lost expectations
I would hate you for our dead future
I would let you breathe my deep heartbeat in silence
I would hold you softly and confess my real lies
I would ask you to sense my hidden desires
I would surrender to our darkest passion
I would admit I loved you since we first met
I would stay
I would never let you go

Friday, April 26, 2013


Morning routine walks
My mind full of thoughts

Mistakes and talks
Chasing me like ghosts

Trying to escape
Where is my cage?

My world is in a mess
My soul seeks peace and rest

Have to control my mind
Need to be strong and kind

Must make my choice
Hear my inner voice

Forget and go on
And make it on my own

Decide to make a start
Will love with all my heart


One day I realized the door was open
Maybe was always unlocked, never tried
Afraid to go out, stayed in the safe warm nest for a while
Then, a sunlight showed me the way 
And I flied, I flied, I flied…
Freedom, a place to live in for ever, I thought
Didn’t know where to go, just flied a little bit further
Was I absolutely free?
Why I see these walls around me?
How can I escape?
Once you face all your fears you will break free, someone once said
Never give up, experience, live!

I’ m still flying trying to find the real way out
Sometimes, I still miss my cage,
But I’m not the same now, I’ve flied..
There’s not enough space in the cage for my dreams anymore 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


My soul canvas is empty
Was young and full of colors in my mind
Exposed to the sun and thunder and fainted
Tired and exhausted used a rent brush to redraw
Colors were intense in the palette but invisible in eyes
What I now see is just a new frame
I will paint again, even without colors anymore
A new life masterpiece with plain black and white

50 days

To meet, to disappear
To share, to isolate  
To fall in love, to hate
To laugh, to cry
To hug, to slap
To live, to die
To propose, to accept
To stop, to restart


I hear the silence of your scream and shout my loneliness
I see your blind thoughts and hide my live ghosts
I taste your empty plate and digest my fears
I touch the hesitation of your dreams and feel my deepest regrets
I smell your darkest secrets and seek my lost innocence 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


All beginnings start with a NO. There is a situation, a need or a problem that you have to resolve that will lead to an easier, smoother and/or happier life. Then, it becomes YES to another situation, sometimes easily, sometimes harder. But you think, examine all possible options that seem right at that moment, make a decision and this is it. A new life beginnings, which usually leads to another NO, then YES, then NO, etc.

So our way to life is never a straight line. It is a crooked line, bending at the points that some milestone-keywords act like catalyzers and change completely our direction. 

YES & NO. The two keywords to life.