Sunday, April 28, 2013


Enjoy. The last word my grandmother whispered to me before she died.
A wise message of an old woman to her adorable little granddaughter that loved with all her heart and soul. 

At that moment I didn't realize the meaning and depth of this very short and simple, sincere and true confession that she made, that was a distillate and essence of a whole life full of difficulties, wars, illnesses, deprivations.

Enjoy each day of your life like being the last one because life is too short and you never know if tomorrow will be the same.  Live now, live your present, but respect your actions to create your bright future.

Enjoy the air you breathe, celebrate the fact that you can see the clear blue sky and you can feel the dark lonely nights, you can walk, touch, hug and love.

Each moment, decision, action is precious and part of this unique plan that is called your life.
Spend your time only to things that make you happy and peaceful. What doesn't care about you, don’t deserve you. 

Love and appreciate everything that was given to you. Remember to be thankful for all those wonderful persons that you are blessed to meet and have around you, for the way of your living and for all those unforgettable experiences you lived so far. Not all people have this.

Be proud of all your actions, even the small ones. It is the small ones that define you.
Give all your affection and love to all those priceless small miracles that we usually take for granted.

Her only advice, wish, power, being, condensed in only one word.


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