Monday, April 29, 2013

Private meeting

If you were about to have a last private meeting with yourself, what would you say?

…”Υou have done it really well”, OR “you had to try harder”?
…”You were a good listener”, OR “your voice was the only noise”?
…”You were a life fighter”, OR “you were a coward and quit early”?
... ”You left your emotions empty”, OR “you loved with all your heart”?
…”You were a great supporter”, OR “you left alone all those that you shouldn't”?
…”You tried and succeeded against all odds”, OR “you failed and you just don’t admit it”?
…”You created something wonderful here”, OR “you sold cheaply all that life offered you”?

Really, would you speak at all, OR would you stay speechless?

Now, look yourself at the mirror and if you dare...speak.

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