Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Old lady

I went out for a walk last night.
I saw a shadow far away.
It was an old lady sitting alone on a bench.
She was staring at the unknown, surrounded by the fog.
A time-travelling creature that stopped for a minute to have a rest.
She was absorbed by a memory from the past or a scene from the future.
She seemed enchanted by her vague vision.
She was so unique and classy.
An aristocratic, fragile and sensitive figure.
Her shape so gentle, delicate and potent.
Her glance so strong and deep.
Her posture so imperious and confident.
She had the security of her old age.
The calm of the knowledge that no fear can destroy her peace.
The certaintly that nothing and no one can disturb her calmness.
Like she had lived the worst and she had nothing to expect but the best.
Her wisdom was depicted in her wrinkled face.
I was attracted by her mystical serenity.
She saw me staring at her from distance.
She invited me silently to join her loneliness.
It was like she knew me forever.
She looked at me and I was impressed by her gentle face.
I suddenly felt humble and respect for the unknown story she was hiding.
I could see that she had lived a life full of passion and experiences.
I felt like I wanted to steal something from her elegance.
She closed her eyes to feel the wind and then she took a deep breath smiling. 
I looked at her amazed by her quite presence.
She was trembling trying to say something.
She knew I was now sitting next to her.
She made a slow move to touch my hand.
I felt her old soft skinny hand on mine. 
Suddenly a wave of heat crossed my body.
All feelings, scenes, memories of the past year were right in front of me. 
A strong stimulus stung my heart and soul and then disappeared.
I felt an instant horror but then calm and peaceful.
The old lady opened her eyes and looked at me.
I know you think I’m old, she said, but I am not.
Look at me.
I am as young as an unborn baby.
I am the new year.
It is all that you have learned this year that make me old.
And you have learned a lot.
This year taught you more that you imagine.
Use the wisdom of the past to make your future bright.
But remember.
Wise people forgive.
Intelligent people remember.
People like you love with passion.
You have this blessing. 
Never lose it. 
She stood up gently and kissed my head affectionately.
I saw her walking slowly till she disappeared in the dark.
I was thinking of her words all night.
Next day something urged me to go back to the same place.
A little girl was sitting on the bench looking at me.
She had the same bright and beautiful eyes with the old lady.
Happy New Year, she wished smiling at me cordially.
I smiled back, staring at her as she was running away.
She followed exactly the opposite direction of the old lady last night.
I knew these two were related in a way, but will never meet. 
I captured the two figures in my mind.
I felt blessed I met them both.
I embraced their words and wishes.
I felt confident I was on the right way.  
And it's been some time since then. 
And I keep returning to the same place again and again.
I never saw them again.
But I can always feel their presence.
I am sure I will meet them again in a year.

Years come and leave.
The old die and are reborn.
The new replace the missing.
Some walk slowly, others run.
And nothing stays the same. 

When time counts numbers, 
life grows old and becomes wiser.
She touches you with her skinny hands to give advices sometimes. 
But always remains a carefree little girl in heart.

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Dear father, 

I remember you always smiling at me; a kind of strong paternal figure, always full of love and comprehension. You always had your way of making things happen. You used to say “Life is too short for spending it being angry, especially if someone has a perfect smile like you!”. And then in a magical way, instantly, I couldn’t remember why I was angry anymore. I was automatically smiling back at you.

You taught me everything; to live with passion, to be explorer, investigator of all that life can bring. You insisted that education is a life-long learning procedure. You kept saying that we have to read books, expand our mind, find ways to express ourselves, through art, hobbies, sports, music and dance. You asked me to live my life in close contact with nature, to be romantic and appreciate a dawn, a sunset and a starry night, to be sensitive but also brave.

You insisted I have to be a fighter, never fear anything and anyone. You taught me to be a kind and loving person, to honor my friends and companions. To love deeply, with all my heart; but also to claim directly and with honesty what I deserve. Never to awaken someone's love with no intention of loving back. Never to give promises that I can not keep. You called it cruelty and the worst kind of dishonor. You showed me the value of respecting myself first. Never to neglect and forget my own needs, at all levels, spiritually, emotionally, physically, for being satisfied and pleased is the only way to live in happiness and make others also happy.

You taught me to commit, to devote, to understand other's emotions, to give time, but also to put my own limits and never let anyone overcome them. You showed me what compassion and patience means;  you explained to me the meaning of ethics and virtues. You insisted never to forget to enjoy every day of my life, and you asked me always to remember this: “Your mind is like a dog. You must learn how to practice control and dominate over it. At first it is a difficult task, but then, believe me, mind always obeys”. 

You insisted that I must always be proud of myself and my actions; You tought me to be sincere to my wishes, to never give up and always try to become better. To be a good listener and speak with a constant and loud voice; to be rational, to consider and filter all aspects before I make a conclusion and to support my opinion with logical arguments. To be simple and humble. You insisted that the inner world counts the most. “You should learn to impresss with your personality, appearance counts only for the first 5 minutes”, you used to say. 

You taught me to be a fair person; to be generous with my feelings and to express clearly my emotions; You considered expression of true feelings and open communication as a basic science that makes life much easier and simpler and explains everything in this world; you urged me to practice on it everyday. 

You taught me to recognize and accept my mistakes, to learn from them and never give up; to say “I’m sorry” without egoism when the facts require it and "I love you" without hesitation when I deeply feel it. You insisted that the one who knows to say these little three words, these two simple phrases and understands their meaning, can conquer the world. You used to repeat that you prove the glory of your soul only with your actions, that “words” and “actions” are twin brothers, are born together, as two parts of the same coin. Words without actions are like a well without water.

You taught me never to be afraid; of anything. To be confident and strong, secure and protected; always, in crowd or alone. You offered me strong and deep roots, a stable basis for a start and balance, an invaluable present. “The best way to show your intelligence is by your smart humor”, your were saying laughing followed by a smart self-sarcastic joke, that I was repeating proudly to all my friends for days . 

I will always remember your words when you saw me sad one day. Υou hugged me softly with deep affection, you looked at me deeply in the eyes and you said: “Forget everything that I tought you so far. Just remember two words from me and I want them to follow you all your life: PRIDE and DIGNITY. Never forget these two words, embrace them, host them in your mind and heart and let them guide you as your best friends, as your eternal life companions”.  

My loving father, I grow old. Your little girl is now a woman. And I see all your teachings in practice and I realise how wise you are. I never had the chance to thank you so far for all the precious lessons I 've learned from you. Thank you for inspiring me in all parts of my life. Thank you for being the best example for me so as to know well the definition of a good father, a devoted husband and a real friend. Thank you for your wise words that always guide me in this rough life path. I feel so blessed and thankful for having you always by my side, for all that you are, for all that I am now. No words can describe this seldom blessing. 

I want you to know that my instinct and your advices show me the way every day. The least I can do for your hard effort and work on shaping who I am today, is to promise you that I will put all my effort to always make you proud. As I did so far. As I always will. I will honor you. 

I promise. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Come close, take my hand 
Let your senses dance
I want to be seduced tonigh
I need to melt at a glance.

Don’t hesitate, embrace my neck
I am ready to stick on your skin
Turn me softly around
My lust all yours, strong and keen.

Make me follow your secret steps
Surround your arms on my waist
My lack of control, your alluring beauty
Your hedonic moves, precise and haste.

Sing the sweet melody 
Twist me around my feminine long heels  
I crave to hear your charming voice
Your whisper a drug that kills.

Vamp with the music power
Live its sensuous effect
Capture the magic moment
See us unify, blend, connect.

I surrender, I promise, I do
I allow you tonight
Tempt me, take the lead
Guide my body and mind.

My soul is ready to be lured
Longing for your delirious kiss
I swear I will obey your orders
Docile slave to our erotic bliss.

I want to feel your breath on my lips 
To hear promises that cheat
To be bad, to make a sin 
To burn my skin with your heat.

I’m ready to follow your rules
I gift you all my power 
I need to see your naked heart
To lift me up on the delight’s tower.

Feel the air moving around us 
Let reality fight with delusion
Passion and desires now win 
Follow our rhythmic fusion.

Kill rationale, bury hesitations
Let alcohol guide your mouth 
Feel my passion
I’m all burning, come south.

Look us in the mirror
See our moving shadows bent 
I know you adore this game
Dominate on me, find my dark end.

Just the two of us as one
A devil bite on my juicy mango 
A last bend and I blow out loud
We both surrender to our erotic tango.

Dance with my mind first
Then my body will follow..

Thursday, November 21, 2013


A hidden face remains silent and bitter, struggles to embrace the past.
A time race, day and night, to create a bright future that will shine and last.

Furies, restless hopes and fears run slaughtered and crashed.
Insolent dreams jump out reluctantly, strengthen and prevail fast.

A shoddy mouth smiles and flirts, speaks fake words and rotten stories.
The ears depart annoyed, need true love, sincere whispers, not glories.

Mistakes are terrified, run to escape, stumble upon unconsciousness’ dark end.
Angry mind grasp their scalp, drags them into the truth’s mud, make them repent.

Hunting passion, drunk for power, heart is eaten by carnivorous success and greed.
Sole companion an imaginary friend, paid to expand and share the poisonous feed.

Life is a beast, life is a bum; he cheats, he rapes, he steals and grows when fed with lies.
Can only break the spell and calm, if he dares to look in the mirror his proud eyes.

Did you look in the mirror?

I did.
I saw a mouth.
I couldn’t see the eyes. 
They were covered, protected by sunglasses. 
But ears approached.
Confessed that heard the mouth whispering one word.