Sunday, November 24, 2013


Come close, take my hand 
Let your senses dance
I want to be seduced tonigh
I need to melt at a glance.

Don’t hesitate, embrace my neck
I am ready to stick on your skin
Turn me softly around
My lust all yours, strong and keen.

Make me follow your secret steps
Surround your arms on my waist
My lack of control, your alluring beauty
Your hedonic moves, precise and haste.

Sing the sweet melody 
Twist me around my feminine long heels  
I crave to hear your charming voice
Your whisper a drug that kills.

Vamp with the music power
Live its sensuous effect
Capture the magic moment
See us unify, blend, connect.

I surrender, I promise, I do
I allow you tonight
Tempt me, take the lead
Guide my body and mind.

My soul is ready to be lured
Longing for your delirious kiss
I swear I will obey your orders
Docile slave to our erotic bliss.

I want to feel your breath on my lips 
To hear promises that cheat
To be bad, to make a sin 
To burn my skin with your heat.

I’m ready to follow your rules
I gift you all my power 
I need to see your naked heart
To lift me up on the delight’s tower.

Feel the air moving around us 
Let reality fight with delusion
Passion and desires now win 
Follow our rhythmic fusion.

Kill rationale, bury hesitations
Let alcohol guide your mouth 
Feel my passion
I’m all burning, come south.

Look us in the mirror
See our moving shadows bent 
I know you adore this game
Dominate on me, find my dark end.

Just the two of us as one
A devil bite on my juicy mango 
A last bend and I blow out loud
We both surrender to our erotic tango.

Dance with my mind first
Then my body will follow..

Thursday, November 21, 2013


A hidden face remains silent and bitter, struggles to embrace the past.
A time race, day and night, to create a bright future that will shine and last.

Furies, restless hopes and fears run slaughtered and crashed.
Insolent dreams jump out reluctantly, strengthen and prevail fast.

A shoddy mouth smiles and flirts, speaks fake words and rotten stories.
The ears depart annoyed, need true love, sincere whispers, not glories.

Mistakes are terrified, run to escape, stumble upon unconsciousness’ dark end.
Angry mind grasp their scalp, drags them into the truth’s mud, make them repent.

Hunting passion, drunk for power, heart is eaten by carnivorous success and greed.
Sole companion an imaginary friend, paid to expand and share the poisonous feed.

Life is a beast, life is a bum; he cheats, he rapes, he steals and grows when fed with lies.
Can only break the spell and calm, if he dares to look in the mirror his proud eyes.

Did you look in the mirror?

I did.
I saw a mouth.
I couldn’t see the eyes. 
They were covered, protected by sunglasses. 
But ears approached.
Confessed that heard the mouth whispering one word.