Sunday, September 22, 2013


It all relates to those that bring a genuine smile in your face.
It all smiles at you when it comes from inside.
It all comes from inside when you thankfully grab what life offers you.
It is all offered to you generously when you know how to share and dare the impossible.
It is all possible when you have the capacity to appreciate properly and on time.
It is all appreciated when you know what value means.
It is all valued by time, presence and absence, ends and beginnings. 
It is a beginning when there is a mature and sincere decision to follow a new choice.
It is a new choice when you know how, where and when to put an end.
It is an end when you lost something you considered all yours.
It is all yours; your dreams, your time, your desires, your mind, your heart, your path.
It is your right path, when you find it easy, as if it is meant to happen.
It all happens when you least expect it. 
It is all expected when you have tried hard and you deserve it.
It is clear that you deserve it when your soul is pure.
It is pure when your heart sings.
It sings when have all you ever dreamed of. 
It is all you ever dreamed of that determines who you really are.
It is who you are that lead you to specific life goals and their pursuit. 
It is a life pursuit that worth it when you feel peaceful, when you have reached happiness.

It is happiness when you insisted 
on those that really matter and 
you feel the circle is complete.

It is complete when you end up 
with a unique genuine smile in your face.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


You are idle and calm, sleeping in the expensive king size bed of your loneliness, surrounded by people who are your friends, your lovers, your soulmates, your family, all those that live in the palace of your life. Some of them, small in number, are your life followers. You define them as trustful courtiers. They love you deeply and their road goes in parallel with yours. They observe silently your life, they accept your choices with respect, they are always there for you, to teach you, to advice you. These are your true friends and family that you want to feel close when you walk on the red carpet of your life's passage.

And there is "the one". The one that you selected to be your king, your partner, your love, your lover, your best friend, your breath, your everything. The one to whom you dared to show all the bright and dark rooms of your palace; your true self, your soul's secrets, your deep desires and wishes, your dreams and dark fears. The one that you trusted your heart's sound, your body's desires, your mind's buried concerns. The one that you gave access to your most precious place; your time's throne.

And you are so innocent and ignorant, or just so true to all others but to yourself, that you forgot that this throne is yours, only. Tired of standing up alone you forgot your title, you became someone else. ...You suddenly feel there is not enough oxygen in the air. You throw away your luxurious crown, you deny your tiresome swampy role. You feel the intense need to seek a quite and warm place down in the basement to spool yourself, to become a hamble servant to your needs, to you; to find love and peace in the small things that you ignored for so long. You hide for some time searching for your heart.

Two slim figures apporach gently and introduce to you; you face clearly your dreams and desires. They are so beautiful and young, so simple and genuine wearing their uniforms and white clean aprons. They smile at you conspiratorially and invite you secretly to show you the way towards a locked door on the loft that guides you to all you ever wished for. You look at them playfully and you smile back. They close their eye and disappear in the dark. You follow them in the wet corridors of your soul's castle. You hear creepy screams on the way; dead games of your mind. There is no fear running in your blood. Nothing can distract you from your thirst to follow those little witty shadows. A few more steps. You push the heavy door and you are finally there. Out. On the roof.

Oxygen. Your knees bend. You take a deep breath. Relieved and peaceful you lie down, you look at the stars, you touch your heart and you suddenly feel free and more rich than ever, having nothing but your true self by your side. You close your eyes for a while to feel the liberating power of the wind on your face. When you open your eyes you feel a touch. You see around. You find yourself sitting on your throne. Someone keeps your hands softly. He lies down next to you. He huggs your knees. He has transferred the throne at the roof for you so that you can be with your little friends, your dreams and wishes. He respects them. He needs them with you. You can feel all that he has to say in his eyes.  You know. He is the one. You put another throne close to yours. One black and one white.

[*Sometimes there is a moment that you see clearly whether "the one" is going to be there for you forever; close to you, your angel, your heart; to support you, to be proud of you, to need you, to love you, to miss you, to share with you, to desire you. A romantic way of life, yes, but who says life is not romantic? This moment you just know it's him or just a number, one more story. Then you write about it, to remember or to forget...sitting on your throne].  

What happened that dark night you went to that basement? 

...Maybe it was just the sad rhythm of a red waltz that you danced alone; that lonely spinning walk around yourself that made you realize that a real king who deserves to be "the one" gives place to his queen first, and always needs her by his side. 

That night you received and you gave a slap. The most painful was the one you gave to yourself. To wake up. You suddently did wake up. It was just a nightmare.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


This is our biggest mistake.
We always think we have time.

And the time of the past has gone.
We see its blurred figure already far away.
It doesn't turn its head back, just moves forward.
Proud, aware of its increased value; it disappears.
And the time of the present is here, available.
We see its innocent face staring at us helpless.
It stands speechless, waiting to be exploited.
Unaware of its potential and charm, cheats us that it will never go.

And the time of the future is only in our dreams.
We only see its seductive shadow that ignites our tension to fantasize.
It has its mouth shut, hiding its shady and pointy teeth.
Ready to bite our present, to snatch and familiarize the property of procrastination haters.

And we remain blind in our passion to ignore past, postpone present and expect future.
In a blend of visions, dead wishes, alive hopes, sick prospects.
And we wake up every day forgetting to live now.
Regretting the past and replacing the present with tomorrow.

And the present becomes past that we forget.
And the future becomes present that we hate.
And life goes on silently and we refuse to live.
And lost opportunities are becoming old, grey, dead.

And we become pessimists for the past that has been left unexplored.
And optimists for a future that will balance our woes.
And we think we are fighters but the truth is only one. 
We are nothing but ugly, terrified creatures, wasting time.

Unable to appreciate the true meaning of present.
We are suddenly old and wise enough to remember our mistakes. 
Small to realize that time is never ours.
So ungrateful that we continue our lonely trip with sole companion our fake illusions.

And we move on.  
And we fill our life with actions to feel busy. 
We walk, we cross bridges, we stand, we rest, we sleep, we wait, but we never think. 
Killed in the past, living as zombies in the present, hoping for a resurrection in the future.

And we continue our daily effortless energy waste of feeding others' hungry minds.  
To live a life that others think we deserve.
To build a worth-telling story so as others be proud to share.
To love and be loved expecting that others will never notice our deprived heart.

And we see time mocking at us and leaving.
And nothing stays the same.
And we count victories.
When all we have is our lost battles.

Dust traps of unexplored golden mines.
Of daily smiles replaced by sullen faces.
Of true loves and values replaced by ruthless ambitions.
Of a lost past and an unexplored present. 

But we are happy.
'Cause future is in front of us.
We have time.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I met a little girl once.
She was so strong and decisive. 
Her eyes were so bright and smart.
Her witty and innocent figure reminded me of a forgotten instict.
The passion for true love and meaningful life. 
The joy of fighting for your dreams and insisting against all odds. 
It was so evident. 
She was that kind of girl you just knew she was different.
Even if everything on her was so common. 
You could feel her endless potential.
Her dynamic powerful nature.
Born to be a leader and a servant at the same time.
Dedicated to her believes with no fear. 
Daring to live, to enjoy, to share, to fight. 
But at the same time, another little girl was living inside her. 
Unknown to most people. 
A sensitive, gentle and tender girl. 
Deeply emotional and introvert. 
Daring to love with all her heart and feel pain. 
She loved to speak and share all that made her happy, sad, alive.
Her world, her feelings, her visions, the colours of the sky.
But when her words had no sound she was silently hidding in her secret cave.
Time found her one night and gave her a gift.
A brush to paint and a pen to write.
So as never to feel alone. 
To speak and be heard. 
Even when noone listens.
This little girl..
I just knew all about her.

I saw her picture some days ago.
An old family album came into my hands.
I immediately recognized her.
I admired her familiar face for a while.
Her smile was still the same.
She didn’t know anything about her future yet.
I wished I could touch her, speak to her, advice her. 
All human emotions flooded over me in a moment. 
What would I say to her if I had the chance?
What would I change in her story?
Who can say things would be better if different?
Is she lucky after all?
Is she happy?
Why is she always so thirsty for passion? 
I touched softly the timeworn photo of the past.
Sweet memories jumped out of the black and white paper.
And suddenly I felt so proud of her.
Of the path she was about to cross.
Of the experiences she was going to taste. 
All part of her passionate and adorable nature. 
I suddenly knew. 
I wouldn’t dare to speak to her.
I wouldn’t like to change her destiny.
I would let her be shaped by her decisions and mistakes.
I would let her fall.
Again and again.
Until she knows.
Until she finds her way, her balance.
So as to stand tall.

I looked at the photo again. 
The little girl was looking me in the eyes. 
I saw her lips moving. 
She was trying to speak to me. 
She was trying to reveal my future. 
She was trying to warn me, to guide me, to protect me.
I smiled at her with affection. 
I now was sure. 
The little girl I once met never changed.
I closed the album. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Love Story

So I know..
It's all about fight for Love. 
That precious intoxicating and addictive liquid that nourishes Ηeart. 

Heart is always thirsty. Craving for Love. 
Love is never enough. Never complete.
Sometimes Passion wears Love's mask and cheat Heart.
Heart becomes greedy and fool. 
Observing this behaviour, Ηeart's good friend, Soul, speaks to her with his rational mind. 
Tries to advice Heart about virtues, gratitude and balance. 
Heart, lost in the game of chasing Passion, ignores her good friend Soul and trusts Love to Time. 
Heart is blind, she doesn't see Time's sneaky face. 
Jealous Time is curious to possess this precious unknown filter, Love.
When Passion is gone, Heart asks Time to take Love back. 
Time refuses. 
He is powerful. Fights with Heart and wins. 
Keeps Love for a while in his possession. 
Love evaporates with Time.
Being apart from Heart, Love has no existence. 
Time is unaware of the use of Love. Feels annoyed by its heavy weight. 
He gradually drops a glass of its precious content until almost all Love is gone. 

Angry defeated Heart fights with her best friend Soul for not protecting her against Time. 
Naive Soul is beaten. Heart survives. 
An injustice sacrifice of Soul in the name of Love. 
Soul finds it hard to accept this betrayal from his friend, Heart. 
Soul curse Heart.
The curse is hard, eternal. 
To live one life on earth, to feel pain, to stop one day and die. 
To make a repeating lethal sound, a reminder of its mortal nature. 
The trophy of a fight chasing blindly Passion.
A triumph, a perpetual obtrusive alarm.
A racking prize for an unfair victory against a supporting friend. 
A poisonous drumming full of sorrow.
A mourning march for the loss of a fighter, companion. 
Now an enemy. Dead Soul.
A ghost.

Dying Love, wonders... 
Why all that happened after all?
Was it a fair game? 
What was the role of Time?
Was Heart stronger than Soul?
Where are memories buried? 

In Soul, Heart replies.Why I need someone to remind me of my mistakes? 
Your greediness is your conviction, Soul shouts.
Το wander in an endless trip to find Love and be hurt again and again. 
I will stay away from your life. Without me you are now doomed to forget.
I will not be by your side to remind you, to protect you. 
Same mistakes, will cost you your peace. 
You may find Passion but nothing compares to Love you neglected. 
Stay alone. Thirsty. Empty. Hurt. 
This is your destiny. 
Yours and everyone elses's who has lost Love for no reason. 

Soul becomes friend with Time. 
He explains to Time the meaning of Love. 
Time now appreciates its value. 
Time keeps the last glass of Love. 
He meets a new thirsty Heart once. 
A weak and tender one. 
The new Heart looks Time in the eyes blindly. 
Time feels compassion. 
He knows what he has to do. 
He offers the last glass of Love. 

Monday, September 2, 2013


Yes I know, I want it all.
Not half, not a piece, not a part,
I need vastness to fly and fall.

All your breath, all your world at last.
My dreams' seed is thirsty,
weak but eager to grow fast.

All my smile, my sadness, my cryptic glance.
A safe nest in your hands,
certain, calm and protected once.

Cause this is me, he who insist will know.
Tired of games that never end,
my soul needs peace to grow.

It is not what I want, but what we both deserve.
To touch, to blend, to unify.
To put destiny's run to an end.

Some people say what's worth will last
Feel me, touch me, dive inside.
I want our story now and fast.

I'm not naive, I know I'm chasing time
This blind toothless smoke of hell.
An ugly face speaks but I only see a smile.

Who will judge me what is right or wrong?
I've measured the path, I now know.
Our road was never wide and long.

You have no choice, you die or you live.
Longing to stay alive.
You fall down, your dust makes roots and thrive.

You felt it, I met you last night in my dream
I saw your eyes' struggle to fight a tear
You broke a door, I heard a scream.

Was it yours or was it mine?
A lost reply's voice sealed in a beggar's empty tin.
Hurry, agog, skinny, doomed to wait in line.

Capture my silence, make it a graph.
Hear it slowly.
Tears now quietly smile and sometimes laugh.

All is nothing, a spicy mix of gap with fear.
Deny it, win it, spend it.
Passions' bite is silent and clear.

All is everything, all is power and strength.
Eternal struggle to expand life's dimensions.
Soul's high, hearts width, mind's length.

Take nothing.
Extend it, push it, shape it.
Make it everything. 

And then you know...
you have it all. 

Do you?
Are you satisfied with your
3-D life stucture after all?