Monday, September 2, 2013


Yes I know, I want it all.
Not half, not a piece, not a part,
I need vastness to fly and fall.

All your breath, all your world at last.
My dreams' seed is thirsty,
weak but eager to grow fast.

All my smile, my sadness, my cryptic glance.
A safe nest in your hands,
certain, calm and protected once.

Cause this is me, he who insist will know.
Tired of games that never end,
my soul needs peace to grow.

It is not what I want, but what we both deserve.
To touch, to blend, to unify.
To put destiny's run to an end.

Some people say what's worth will last
Feel me, touch me, dive inside.
I want our story now and fast.

I'm not naive, I know I'm chasing time
This blind toothless smoke of hell.
An ugly face speaks but I only see a smile.

Who will judge me what is right or wrong?
I've measured the path, I now know.
Our road was never wide and long.

You have no choice, you die or you live.
Longing to stay alive.
You fall down, your dust makes roots and thrive.

You felt it, I met you last night in my dream
I saw your eyes' struggle to fight a tear
You broke a door, I heard a scream.

Was it yours or was it mine?
A lost reply's voice sealed in a beggar's empty tin.
Hurry, agog, skinny, doomed to wait in line.

Capture my silence, make it a graph.
Hear it slowly.
Tears now quietly smile and sometimes laugh.

All is nothing, a spicy mix of gap with fear.
Deny it, win it, spend it.
Passions' bite is silent and clear.

All is everything, all is power and strength.
Eternal struggle to expand life's dimensions.
Soul's high, hearts width, mind's length.

Take nothing.
Extend it, push it, shape it.
Make it everything. 

And then you know...
you have it all. 

Do you?
Are you satisfied with your
3-D life stucture after all? 

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