Friday, August 23, 2013


Who am I after all?
Who are you?

What are all those that define me?
What made me fall in love with you?

What was my deepest secret?
What was your darkest fear?

Did we really know each other?
Did we devote enough time for it?

Were you there for me?
Was I?

Were you strong enough to face the truth?
What was the truth?

Do you know?
Do I know?

Have you ever asked me?
Have I ever answered to myself?

Did you insist to know?
Was I open enough to confess?

Did I ever give you a reply?
Did you?

Was it honest or filtered?
Did we ever wondered?

Did we try to digg deeper?
Why we didn't?

Were you satisfied?
Was I complete?

Were you all I ever dreamed of?
Was I?

What was missing?
Was there anything really missing?

Did you want to ask more?
Why you didn't?

Was I curious to investigate you?
Why I didn't?

Have you changed?
Am I the same?

Do you feel complete?
Am I happy?

Who will ever answer?
Does it really matter?

Some questions are doomed 
either to stay orphans or 
to be adopted by deaf answers. 

Time smiles at life 
and she generously replies 
...if in a good mood. 

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