Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hey, you arrogant ghost!
Don’t look around for your heart.
Let me confess; you killed it for no reason.
Noone will assist you to find your dead piece.
I see you crumble, but I can’t help.
Your dirty dust has already spread away.
I blow out loud to scatter it faster.

Cruel, but who told you liars are lovable?
Spent enough time in my silence. 
Observing your dull infernal game.
You sold out cheaply both heaven and hell.
You fool, you didn’t hurt me, you saved me.
You tried to shoot, I took off your fake hood.
Frightened by your ugly face, I run to escape.  

Your scary image chased stealthily my memory.
Your thought, made me run faster; I got away.
You still come uninvited in my dreams sometimes.
You knock on my door, I throw you away.
I turn to the other side of my bed and touch my lover.
He makes love to me, while you stand behind staring.
You cry, you beg, I laugh; the next day I keep smiling. 

I know, I'm a bad girl; yes, my love, I lied too.
Your fault you never tried to investigate deeper.
I know I’ve become your obsession now.
Stop begging to allow you to touch my hand.
Begone, it is too late. 
You spent all your chances and my time is precious. 
I'm too busy sharing my love with everyone but you.  
And you know how generous I am when it comes to love.. 

It is really unbearable when acquis becomes an elusive luxury. 

*Sometimes all you need is to be tough and determinant; ready to get rid of the ugly ghosts of the past that sucked your soul & heart and just sit quietly and enjoy your silence and a refreshing cocktail...

...Then forgive and go on without a word. 

Friday, July 26, 2013


I received the letter many years ago.
Sealed with golden symbols of my anxious future.
I opened it slowly; I knew its lost content.
Invited in the party of my life.
By unknown adventurers wishing to conquer my story.
I knew I had to go.
I had no choice but to meet with my destiny’s actors. 
Wearing a charming outfit to honor the years to come.
My bedroom’s shadows followed me silently.
To my dark and empty wardrobe.
A scary feeling blocked the pores of my skin.
There was nothing left inside.
I observed my secret private property.
My soul’s clothes were dirty.
My heart’s shoes timeworn.
My body’s precious accessories granted cheaply.
I spent years searching the proper dress.
Covered by my expensive and luxurious outfit
I rang the bell; a blurred image grabbed me.
Took my hand and yank me drunk.
Thirsty eyes sucked every inch of my souls’ medulla.  
Alcohol, smoke and sick ghosts in the crowd.
In a furious orgasm of dancing nightmares.
My mute voice, deaf among empty laughs.
A night wasted in a witless lost game.
Dust of forgotten dreams, under a golden rug.
I left. 

I received another invitation some time ago.
I looked at it hesitantly; I kept it for a while.
This time I decided not to open it.
To walk bravely to the unknown inviter.
I had to go; again.
My angel was shouting everything was different.
I knew what I had to do.
I washed all dirty clothes of the past.
A male and female human invisible blend.
Stretched out the laundry of heavy memories.
The sun's rays kidnapped all stains and spots. 
I wore a simple white dress.
Barefoot, free from heavy accessories of a fake life.
A reflection of my new self gazed at me.
Ι followed my insticts’ directions.
A clear and obvious path.
The door was open, a carefree feel flooded.
A generous smile hugged me kindly.
A heady scent kissed my breath.
A sleepwalker of an intoxicating lullaby.
And then, suddenly, this warmth of familiarity.
A meeting with the best part of me.
A sudden gentle touch that scatter the dead ashes.
That unfolds new unexplored paths.
Of a future that approaches.
This precious moment.
When time stops.
And you just know it.
And you follow.

Who did you really meet?
Someone that loved my simple freshly-washed white dress. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Spy me.
I see your shadow behind the door.
Is it real? Is it in my mind? Is there a difference?
I know you are addicted to our secret game.
I will let you play it.
Put your eye to my life's keyhole and watch.
I know you are following me. 
I can feel your breath.
I can touch your sweat. 
Don't try to keep your eyes wide open.
Blink for a second.
Is my instantaneous absence your eternity?
Don't ask me what I did meanwhile.
Maybe I'm still there; maybe I left.
Maybe I just wait for you to open the door.
Maybe you are afraid I will never let you come in. 
Maybe all I need is this; nothing more, nothing less.
I hate the security of your hidden presence.
I love the unknown temptation of my loneliness.
Don't go away, I beg you silently in my mind.
You feel my whisper.
I want you to stay there, watching.
I need it more than you, you admit.
This is our privy bond. 
Our destiny's game. 
Let's be honest with its rules.
I will continue pretending I don't know
As long as you promise you will continue spying.

What if you open the door and realize I'm not behind?

I will never open the door. You know that. 
You will never leave. I know that.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Let me play the piano for the last time.
Listen to the melody and cry. I do. 
It is written for you.
My last confession to remember.
From the one you loved and hated the most.

You will never hear about me again.
Our story ended forever.
Our new path is our blessing and curse.
To expect the new dream.
To drag the heavy chains of our lost past.

Goodbye my love. 
I know my ghost will haunt you.
Stay emprisoned to my forgiveness. 
Don't try to find someone like me.
I am sorry to announce you there isn't any.

Don’t try to invade my soul.
You created a well equipped soldier.
Ready to fight with no mercy.
It’s ironic how miserable you will feel now.
Knowing you murdered our innocent dream.

Live with the sorrow of my last touch.
That you lightly gifted to another.
Fate knows I deserve better.
My new life is anxious to meet me.
Be sure that I will be happy.

Never mind, life plays games.
One love is never enough.
We are all destined to live many.
Smart ones grab the most precious one.
Keep it and live it.

My life's path has changed now.
My heart flies away.
I observe myself transforming. 
Fate guides me to another story.
I ignore, I resist, I surrender. 

You, my new love, don’t be sorry.
I played and I lost.
Maybe all just happened to meet you.
You are now my choice.
It’s you that I will fight for.

Goodbye and welcome. 
I need you more than ever.
I know now and hope.
My mistakes taught me more.
That it's never too late for love.

REmember the
SOLitute of my

Live with it.

Friday, July 12, 2013


My red, your blue vision
Our pink sassy addiction

Your salty, my sweet taste
Our love's spicy haste

My noisy, your silent mind
Our weird passionate kind

Your mountainous, my sea breeze
Our plains arrogant freeze

My simple, your complex sound
Our open lost account

Your intoxicant, my blind scent
Our life’s willful bend

My hot, your cold feeling
Our wounds’ lukewarm healing

Your black, my white reflection
Our fatal grey connection

My wild, your soft touch
Our absolute erotic match 

Our love's sparkling delight
Your vigorous, my tacit fight

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blurred vision

Your eyes blurred vision
My soul’s secret admission

Life's pursuit, landing and travelling
Fighting, loving, resisting, trying

Passionate flesh, mysterious touch in male hands
Warm home in foreign countries, distant lands

Promotion, progress, comfort, wealth
Fake ambition, lost purpose and faith

Tender heart, loyalty and trust
Words of heaven, neglected fast

Years of joy, drunk night instead of day
Weak loops, fragile dreams made of hay

Utopian life image, withering red tulip in vase
Precious jewelry, gold-dust spread in haze

Scary movie, adventure, love romance
Battle won or lost, fist of knight’s lance

Humble room, hidden in glamorous suite
Pricey pearl, wrapped in seashell’s heat

Years escaped, poor time's struggle still lame
Fiery volcano my heart's extinguished flame

What is behind the wall I see?

Jump and explore. 
Or try to see clearly. 
Maybe there is no wall at all. 
Just an image of your blurred vision. 

Monday, July 8, 2013


You sit down quietly. Your best friend holds your hand.
Why you feel so tired?
What makes you so exhausted?
What takes all your energy away?
Why your oxygen is never enough?

You know the reply.
Wasting time in unnecessary crushing obligations.
Castaway in a desert island of unfiltered thoughts.
Swimmer in an impudent flood of disrespectful actions.
Lost in forced disoriented swirling.

You feel his kind touch.
Protect yourself.
Organize your rescue.
Obey to your needs.
Don’t be wasted.
Discipline your mind.
Govern your passions.
…On life moments that give you real pleasure.
…On all those that show potential.
…On habits that open the doors of your mind.
…On actions with meaning.
…On dreams that fulfill your internal bliss.
…On targets that lead you to completion.
…On life stories worth telling.   
…On friends that reflect your mental status.
…On lovers that match your desires.
…On companions that fit your temperament.
…On people that deserve your love.

You look at him.
He looks back at you.
He now speaks loudly.
You hear your voice.  

Respect your time.
Respect your nature.
Respect your dreams.

Your touch your life’s telescope. 
In full operation.

You focus. 

Friday, July 5, 2013


Look at me, you said.
I want to take you a picture.
I want to remember you as you are.
Carefree, pure, in love, my love.

You then came and kissed me.
You took the picture with you.
I was smiling.
In my heart.

Where is this picture now?
Where is the girl that you met?
Do you still have it?
Is it now fade?

Capturing moments, sharing.
Keeping them in frames.
In our minds.
Remembering feelings.

I have a new picture of me now.
Fresh, peaceful, reborn.   
Taken by another one, with love.
A new me, you will never know.

Keep my picture.
This precious gift of time. 
Look at it when you feel alone.
I will be your company.
As I did that time.
As I always do. 

People change. 
Pictures stay.


Pictures change. 
People stay. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


You made me who I am.
You do so every day.
In your way. 
My lover.
My soulmate. 
My best friend. 
My father. 
The one who just left. 
The one who is here. 
The one who hasn't come yet. 
My power.  
My everything.
All you.

You scheduled in detail every part of me.
Dedicated to your art, you continue.
There is nothing I can do to stop you.
Preparing the outline of my body.
Blowing life and soul.
Every day.
Making my heartbeat louder.
Leaving feet for the end.
To make them strong.
To show me how to stand tall.
To leave me decide where to go.

You continue drawing me.
And I resist.
And you try to erase any mistakes made.  
And I block you.
And you insist.
And I obey.
And you listen.
And I surrender.
Cause I need them all.
All the scars, all the love.
It is all part of me.

I know I am left in your hands.
To shape me.
Following the line of my dreams.
As I confessed you once.
As you didn’t dare to listen.
I trust your imagination.
I adore the way you see me.
A sculpture in front of you.
All my being.
And you. 
Shape me.

Thank you for making me who I am.
If I had to choose from zero.
I would select you again.
My talented designer.
My best sculptor.
Body, soul, heart.
All from you.

All for you.