Friday, July 26, 2013


I received the letter many years ago.
Sealed with golden symbols of my anxious future.
I opened it slowly; I knew its lost content.
Invited in the party of my life.
By unknown adventurers wishing to conquer my story.
I knew I had to go.
I had no choice but to meet with my destiny’s actors. 
Wearing a charming outfit to honor the years to come.
My bedroom’s shadows followed me silently.
To my dark and empty wardrobe.
A scary feeling blocked the pores of my skin.
There was nothing left inside.
I observed my secret private property.
My soul’s clothes were dirty.
My heart’s shoes timeworn.
My body’s precious accessories granted cheaply.
I spent years searching the proper dress.
Covered by my expensive and luxurious outfit
I rang the bell; a blurred image grabbed me.
Took my hand and yank me drunk.
Thirsty eyes sucked every inch of my souls’ medulla.  
Alcohol, smoke and sick ghosts in the crowd.
In a furious orgasm of dancing nightmares.
My mute voice, deaf among empty laughs.
A night wasted in a witless lost game.
Dust of forgotten dreams, under a golden rug.
I left. 

I received another invitation some time ago.
I looked at it hesitantly; I kept it for a while.
This time I decided not to open it.
To walk bravely to the unknown inviter.
I had to go; again.
My angel was shouting everything was different.
I knew what I had to do.
I washed all dirty clothes of the past.
A male and female human invisible blend.
Stretched out the laundry of heavy memories.
The sun's rays kidnapped all stains and spots. 
I wore a simple white dress.
Barefoot, free from heavy accessories of a fake life.
A reflection of my new self gazed at me.
Ι followed my insticts’ directions.
A clear and obvious path.
The door was open, a carefree feel flooded.
A generous smile hugged me kindly.
A heady scent kissed my breath.
A sleepwalker of an intoxicating lullaby.
And then, suddenly, this warmth of familiarity.
A meeting with the best part of me.
A sudden gentle touch that scatter the dead ashes.
That unfolds new unexplored paths.
Of a future that approaches.
This precious moment.
When time stops.
And you just know it.
And you follow.

Who did you really meet?
Someone that loved my simple freshly-washed white dress. 

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