Thursday, July 18, 2013


Spy me.
I see your shadow behind the door.
Is it real? Is it in my mind? Is there a difference?
I know you are addicted to our secret game.
I will let you play it.
Put your eye to my life's keyhole and watch.
I know you are following me. 
I can feel your breath.
I can touch your sweat. 
Don't try to keep your eyes wide open.
Blink for a second.
Is my instantaneous absence your eternity?
Don't ask me what I did meanwhile.
Maybe I'm still there; maybe I left.
Maybe I just wait for you to open the door.
Maybe you are afraid I will never let you come in. 
Maybe all I need is this; nothing more, nothing less.
I hate the security of your hidden presence.
I love the unknown temptation of my loneliness.
Don't go away, I beg you silently in my mind.
You feel my whisper.
I want you to stay there, watching.
I need it more than you, you admit.
This is our privy bond. 
Our destiny's game. 
Let's be honest with its rules.
I will continue pretending I don't know
As long as you promise you will continue spying.

What if you open the door and realize I'm not behind?

I will never open the door. You know that. 
You will never leave. I know that.

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