Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hey, you arrogant ghost!
Don’t look around for your heart.
Let me confess; you killed it for no reason.
Noone will assist you to find your dead piece.
I see you crumble, but I can’t help.
Your dirty dust has already spread away.
I blow out loud to scatter it faster.

Cruel, but who told you liars are lovable?
Spent enough time in my silence. 
Observing your dull infernal game.
You sold out cheaply both heaven and hell.
You fool, you didn’t hurt me, you saved me.
You tried to shoot, I took off your fake hood.
Frightened by your ugly face, I run to escape.  

Your scary image chased stealthily my memory.
Your thought, made me run faster; I got away.
You still come uninvited in my dreams sometimes.
You knock on my door, I throw you away.
I turn to the other side of my bed and touch my lover.
He makes love to me, while you stand behind staring.
You cry, you beg, I laugh; the next day I keep smiling. 

I know, I'm a bad girl; yes, my love, I lied too.
Your fault you never tried to investigate deeper.
I know I’ve become your obsession now.
Stop begging to allow you to touch my hand.
Begone, it is too late. 
You spent all your chances and my time is precious. 
I'm too busy sharing my love with everyone but you.  
And you know how generous I am when it comes to love.. 

It is really unbearable when acquis becomes an elusive luxury. 

*Sometimes all you need is to be tough and determinant; ready to get rid of the ugly ghosts of the past that sucked your soul & heart and just sit quietly and enjoy your silence and a refreshing cocktail...

...Then forgive and go on without a word. 

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