Sunday, July 14, 2013


Let me play the piano for the last time.
Listen to the melody and cry. I do. 
It is written for you.
My last confession to remember.
From the one you loved and hated the most.

You will never hear about me again.
Our story ended forever.
Our new path is our blessing and curse.
To expect the new dream.
To drag the heavy chains of our lost past.

Goodbye my love. 
I know my ghost will haunt you.
Stay emprisoned to my forgiveness. 
Don't try to find someone like me.
I am sorry to announce you there isn't any.

Don’t try to invade my soul.
You created a well equipped soldier.
Ready to fight with no mercy.
It’s ironic how miserable you will feel now.
Knowing you murdered our innocent dream.

Live with the sorrow of my last touch.
That you lightly gifted to another.
Fate knows I deserve better.
My new life is anxious to meet me.
Be sure that I will be happy.

Never mind, life plays games.
One love is never enough.
We are all destined to live many.
Smart ones grab the most precious one.
Keep it and live it.

My life's path has changed now.
My heart flies away.
I observe myself transforming. 
Fate guides me to another story.
I ignore, I resist, I surrender. 

You, my new love, don’t be sorry.
I played and I lost.
Maybe all just happened to meet you.
You are now my choice.
It’s you that I will fight for.

Goodbye and welcome. 
I need you more than ever.
I know now and hope.
My mistakes taught me more.
That it's never too late for love.

REmember the
SOLitute of my

Live with it.

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