Friday, July 5, 2013


Look at me, you said.
I want to take you a picture.
I want to remember you as you are.
Carefree, pure, in love, my love.

You then came and kissed me.
You took the picture with you.
I was smiling.
In my heart.

Where is this picture now?
Where is the girl that you met?
Do you still have it?
Is it now fade?

Capturing moments, sharing.
Keeping them in frames.
In our minds.
Remembering feelings.

I have a new picture of me now.
Fresh, peaceful, reborn.   
Taken by another one, with love.
A new me, you will never know.

Keep my picture.
This precious gift of time. 
Look at it when you feel alone.
I will be your company.
As I did that time.
As I always do. 

People change. 
Pictures stay.


Pictures change. 
People stay. 


  1. Thought provoking I felt as if I was in conversation with you.

  2. I love "Picture", a thoughtful and stiring reminder of cherished love.