Monday, July 8, 2013


You sit down quietly. Your best friend holds your hand.
Why you feel so tired?
What makes you so exhausted?
What takes all your energy away?
Why your oxygen is never enough?

You know the reply.
Wasting time in unnecessary crushing obligations.
Castaway in a desert island of unfiltered thoughts.
Swimmer in an impudent flood of disrespectful actions.
Lost in forced disoriented swirling.

You feel his kind touch.
Protect yourself.
Organize your rescue.
Obey to your needs.
Don’t be wasted.
Discipline your mind.
Govern your passions.
…On life moments that give you real pleasure.
…On all those that show potential.
…On habits that open the doors of your mind.
…On actions with meaning.
…On dreams that fulfill your internal bliss.
…On targets that lead you to completion.
…On life stories worth telling.   
…On friends that reflect your mental status.
…On lovers that match your desires.
…On companions that fit your temperament.
…On people that deserve your love.

You look at him.
He looks back at you.
He now speaks loudly.
You hear your voice.  

Respect your time.
Respect your nature.
Respect your dreams.

Your touch your life’s telescope. 
In full operation.

You focus. 

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