Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blurred vision

Your eyes blurred vision
My soul’s secret admission

Life's pursuit, landing and travelling
Fighting, loving, resisting, trying

Passionate flesh, mysterious touch in male hands
Warm home in foreign countries, distant lands

Promotion, progress, comfort, wealth
Fake ambition, lost purpose and faith

Tender heart, loyalty and trust
Words of heaven, neglected fast

Years of joy, drunk night instead of day
Weak loops, fragile dreams made of hay

Utopian life image, withering red tulip in vase
Precious jewelry, gold-dust spread in haze

Scary movie, adventure, love romance
Battle won or lost, fist of knight’s lance

Humble room, hidden in glamorous suite
Pricey pearl, wrapped in seashell’s heat

Years escaped, poor time's struggle still lame
Fiery volcano my heart's extinguished flame

What is behind the wall I see?

Jump and explore. 
Or try to see clearly. 
Maybe there is no wall at all. 
Just an image of your blurred vision. 

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