Sunday, June 30, 2013


I saw your eyes yesterday night.
You kissed my lips, you hold me tight.
You were not sure, whether to stay or go.
I was wondering, whether to trust you or no.

We spent some time together; God, so intense.
A whole life within some weeks, a love in fence.
Wished we could try from zero, make a new start.
Wanted you to come closer, feel me, touch my heart.

You were confused, distant, you stole my role.
A weak struggle to fondle my heart’s hole.
Again this strange intimacy, I wanted to share more.
My secret dreams, desire, my soul’s core.

This time it was so clear, you were afraid to dare.
Your words of the past so blind, I thought you care.
Your compass disoriented; wasted in fake lands.
If you just knew, you would always hold my hands.

You are a lonely traveler, you aimlessly try to escape.
Your plane has landed time ago, but you missed your cave.
You seem so strong; but your soul inside sensitive and lost.
I saw a dream last night; you were my love’s host. 

Life's plane is ready for takeoff. 
Open the box.
I need to fly.

Life give many chances
But you may lose them all 
If you forget to try. 

Have a good & safe trip. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Three words

You open your mouth to say the three words.
I love you.
Nothing comes out of your mouth.
Just a scream.
Its aimless use, a sin that destroys paradise.
Three words of power, made of steel.
Prisoners of wet dark cells.
Dreaming of light and warmth.
Waiting passionately to be released one day.
Wishing this time to find the right destination.
To the one that deserves to hear it.
And he doesn't know it yet.
But desperately makes the same wish.
Every day.

These precious three words.
Just a small phrase inside you.
Heavy, exiled, doomed to live alone.
Buried behind your tongue.
Tied somewhere deep down your chest.
Heartbeat tries hard to make it escape.
Its valuable meaning, a priceless gift.
Wrapped in a luxurious box.
With no content.
A small capture within, of all your feelings. 
Your heart.
Sent but still undelivered.
Waiting for the one that looks forward to receive it.
Anxious to open it. 
Ready to appreciate its value.

This small phrase. 
You have heard it many times. 
A rotten message. 
Cheap reflection of weak meaningless hearts. 
A failed ear lover. 
Just eight letters. 
Dreaming to live one day in a warm house.
With walls painted in black and white.
But you only see colors.
Built with no boundaries.
Where time has no value.
Where flowers blossom with no water.
Just laughs and songs.
Its hosts generously donate without asking.
Kings and servants.
Sharing all effort and reward.
Every day.

I don’t want to escape anymore.
I like my dark prison.
Where is this warm house? 
Where is the recipient of the box?

Open your mouth.
Cross the road towards your heart.
Follow this quite path.
He is living there.
His has built a Taj Mahal inside you. 
So that you can feel peace and calm every day.

Keep your three words inside you. 

Don’t waste them for anyone. 
But the one you will meet there. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Living alone in the apartment of your luxurious body.
Surrounded by the walls of your erotic flesh.
Looking in the mirror your twin reflection.
This enchanting female essence.. 

The fascinating attraction of the naked beauty.
The eye game of the seduction spirit.
The visual capturing of your familiar lover.
Your trembling skin, a prisoner of desire.

A soft touch explodes your lonely senses.
The air, secret spy, doomed to fall in love with you.
Sexual magnetic fields circulate around your veins.
The beat of your heart seduce the silence.

Unconfessed shivering of familiar passion.
Fantasy games of lovers you never reveal.
Hidden dreams of lust you never dare to share.
Unspoken words of longing for delirious contact.

You close your eyes; the most alluring scene just in front of you. 
Mind games that wipe out time, distance, space.
You feel him suddenly all over you, under your skin.
You taste his salty lips, helplessly addicted to his male scent. 

Don’t speak, I need your silence, you hear his voice.
We are one; every pore of your body shouts.
Keep your eyes shut, he whispers.
His voice tone, a calm beg and command.

You obey blindly, servant to the unknown source of stimulant.
Exposed, to your primitive ecstatic dance.
Indulged by the aphrodisiac moments of topping.
Mind and soul gaze at your reborn presence, flirting with your evil sins.

Your body’s ecstatic resetting, a wet passionate struggle. 
A sensual delight of an unidentified dimension.  

You open your eyes.
This tempting male perfume...
You know someone was there. 
You look around.
You close your eyes again. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Full moon

You loved travelling around me, all the time. 
Your elliptic orbit, so constant and steady.

Sometimes dark, unseen by eye, but always there.  
Hater of the sun, hiding in your secret cave silently.

Sometimes fully bright, one other side of yours.
Sending your blur light to enlighten my soul. 

And your trip was following this dark and light repetition
Every new phase, new beginnings to become an end again.

I could see every night changing your position.
Small steps towards a constant direction, so far away.

Watching silently your quite move, loosing time during your endless game.
Observing your sky diamonds, precious but never completely mine.

You showed me your milky way, adored your accompanied weird planets.
Passionate to learn about your unknown land, to hug your deserted shell.

That night you came so bright, challenging me to taste your beauty.
The scenery, a battlefield of frozen love dreams, ghosts of smoky insomnia. 

It was the first time I saw clearly the deep scars of your surface.
Those sunken spots that I loved and ignored, so apparently alone, untreated.

It was our full.
It was my need to mourn…so fool.

I know you will always be there, travelling around me, dark and bright.  

I will never look at the moon again.

The night sky will belong only to my stars, strong and bright, unique and steady, every night.

A promise to my inner soul moon, wasted in useless circles.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer love

I see the sun's rays flirting
Our bright reflection, skin's shy burning.

I see the sea's attractive catch
Our naked bodies, sand's favorite match.

I see your eye's drunk temptation
Our unspoken signal, body's tango invasion.

I see the wave's blue hood
Our erotic call, playful mood.

I see the ice-cream's soft melt
Our sticky mouth, sweet caramel's scent.

I see your face's glance
Our first kiss, my heart's mythic dance.

I see you saying goodbye
Our next moment, precious time's lullaby.

I see the thirst's explosion
Our magic cocktail, subordinate's devotion.

I see myself lost in our lust
Our mystic dream, leading actors' cast.

I see us dancing under the moon
Our silver shadows, summer's proud boon.

I see our feet playing with the sea foam
Our wet love, vision of night's dome.

I love summer and hot..
You love winter and cold..

Will you be my summer love?
Only if you promise winder will never complain. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


You walk on the beach. You find a beautiful sea-shell. You admire it. 
You keep it into your hands. You put it close to your ear.... You close your eyes.....

What is this voice?
It is me.

What do you want?
Came to give you some answers.

In which questions?
You tell me.

I have many. Where do I begin?
The most important will come out of your feelings.

I feel tired.
Of what?

Of many. Mainly of trying to find the love of my life, my soulmate. I've almost quit. 
Then, you identified your first question.

So, how can I find him?
Why don't you try to write him a letter?

What do I have to say?
What about ... “I am tired of trying to find you. Why don’t you also try a little?"

Is this going to work?
Maybe yes, maybe not; at least you will know you reached him and you will stop feeling exhausted. 

You are right. I quit. I will let him find me.
Sure, but still. Don’t forget to write this letter.

You didn't tell me, where will I send it?
When you write it, you will know. 

How will I recognize him when I meet him?
He will tell you he received your letter. 

Monday, June 17, 2013


We grew up together.
Me and you.
Same age as we were growing older.
A rose to my life when I was born.
My Rosa.
I remember you so well.
Dark, small and frisky.
Your voice still in my ears. 
Hugging you softly in my arms.
Singing lullabies to make you sleep.
Feeding you, chasing after you.  
Playing, laughing, cheating.
Spending so much time together. 
Training you the most funny tricks.
Praying for a miracle.
To make you speak.
Dreaming about it day and night.
These years of innocence..

My best friend.
So faithful. 
Always there.
Keeping me company silently. 
In my loneliness.
Never interrupting.
Never complaining.
Expressing your love in the most exciting way.
My adorable companion. 
Confessing to you all my fears and problems.
Spending hours explaining you silly things. 
Knowing you were listening. 
Swearing to God you could understand me. 
Trusting you so deeply.
My secret world.
As I never did, to anyone, ever again.

And then, one day, you said goodbye.
Silently, as was your life. 
When I needed you the most.
Your time so condensed.
My adolescence, your old age.
Nature injustice.  
How can anyone forget?
This pure, innocent way of love.
To someone out of yourself.
Out of your family.
This deep sorrow when you left.
Now, sure that you teached me more than I did.
This compassion, this patience.
This loyalty, this self-sufficiency. 
This spontaneous joy and gratitude.
All these simple things, virtual virtues. 
Humans seldomnly possess.
I try hard to follow your quite advices.  
A precious Bible of mind.
That I often revise, always remember. 
You, my best friend of childhood, my teacher.
My Rosa.

If you could finally speak 
what would you say?

Continue confessing.. 
Find your way.
Never forget that small things 
give you the greatest happiness. 
Thank you.. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Femme fatale

Femme fatale..
This unique non-traditional female.
Lives, walks, breathes among us.
Still so unusual, special.
Mysterious and seductive.
Free and powerful.
Strong and dangerous.
Smart and witty.
Fatal attractive.
Pure female essence on her skin.
Nothing childish.
Empowered by the freedom of movement.
Committed to her independence.

Femme fatale...
Covered by her inexplicable refusal to be possessed.
Refused to be defined by the male hero.
Denied to play the role of prize possession.
To be converted or to accept capture.
To sacrifice her life in useless societal cages.
To compromise in meaningful commitments.
Expert in the absolute control.
Discipline in her rules.
On men.
Her mind.
Heart and soul.

Femme fatale..
Evil machine of desire.
Defined by her dangerous sexuality.
Sex, her pleasure game.
A weapon, a tool.
Lover of the most ancient art.
Men doomed to be seduced.
Lost in her magical addiction.
Seekers of her passion.
Manipulated by her dazzling aura.
Victims of inevitable obsession.
Trapped in bonds of irresistible intoxication.
Charmed by her independent nature.
Admirers of her exciting way of living.
Without projections, expectations, promises.
Just living for the moment.
So liberating.
Leading them into dangerous, deadly situations.

Femme fatale..
Ordinary housewives hate her, so jealous.
Secretly idolize her.
Never admit it.
The hero of their dark dreams.
The role they will never have the courage to live.
They know so little about her.
They wonder.
Try to find an explanation to feed their fears.
What is she hiding?
What is her secret? 
How she manages to keep her mind controlled?
How she dares to be so independent?
Maybe this is her only nature, so sad. 
Maybe was romantic once. 
Dedicated, loved deeply. 
Tried, insisted, hurt. 
Couldn't breathe. 
Felt like a caged animal. 
This routinized boredom within people. 
Who hate each other. 
Or just tolerate for a reason. 
Felt repulsion for the sadistic lack of interest. 
Hater of confining, loveless, sexless, dull relations. 
This sense of stifling entrapment. 
Alone, tough, heartless... 

Femme fatale...
This ethereal creature.
Attracts the absolute attention.
Of everyone.
Erotic in her body, her clothing.
Her words, her actions.
A movie star.
So controversial.
So sought-after.
Her identity under exploration.
One of us.
Maybe me, maybe you.

"I never told you I was anything but what I am
- you just wanted to imagine I was".

Out of the past

Friday, June 14, 2013

Rainy night

Everything was so perfect.
If I had to repeat it
changing a second, a deadly sin.
Meeting you so unexpectedly.
Appearing from nowhere. 
Exploring my deepest thoughts.
Dancing with the best part of me.
Free. Secure. Lonely.
Why now? 
Why not before? Why not later?
Was it a game of fate?
An incomplete meeting of the past?
Will never know.

Your soul so familiar, your touch so soft.
Your words so simple, gentle, my absolute fit.
A fictional image trying to invade my reality.
A reflection of everything I dreamed of.
Just having you next to me.
Every second, so unique.
Complete and natural for no reason.
Relaxed and peaceful.
Just breathing your presence.
Like I knew you forever.
This weird feeling that I will miss you.
Before you even leave.

Telling stories, laughing, cheating time.
I could see it clearly.
I was about to fall in love with you.
Fighting hard not to admit it.
A little war within my peace.
Your first move to come closer.
Your open heart.
These seconds that lasted a minute.
Or an eternity...
Felt so fearless and scary.
So weak and strong.
This strange sense.
To escape, to run away.

Resisting to love.
Afraid of being hurt.
That look...
Captured in your smile.
I knew.
Hesitations left away.
My desire, one word.
Past didn't matter.
Future was too far away.
Present was proudly watching.
I knew I will carry you forever.
Our unknown story just had started.

Maybe it should have finished earlier.
Maybe the dawn seduced us. 
So jealous, kidnapped our future.
Maybe it never happened.
Maybe it hasn't started yet.
Maybe it was just another story for you.
Maybe it was only a dream for me.
Our life was following us.
Wondering silently.
What to offer.
What to steal.
Just me and you, our universe. 

That rainy night, I will never forget. 

Was it really raining?
I didn't notice. 

Is this a goodnight?
It will never be good without you. 

*[To you].  

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Running is liberating.
Purifies your body and soul.
Sweat drops slips on your skin smoothly.
Bathed by your body’s liquids.
Condensed drops of toxins kicked away.
Hormones excretion, a remedy of mind.

And you run, and you run..

Being all by yourself, independent.
Feeling the upper state of your loneliness.
Hearing your breath and reaching your limits.
You meet with yourself, a blind runner.
Deleting all heavy thoughts.
Becoming light and alive.

And you run, and you run...

And the evening comes.
The sun follows you silently.
So generous, enlightens your way.
Goes lower as you go higher.
Each step increase your shadow, your only companion.
You stop and you gaze at your dark reflection.
You have become bigger.

And you run, and you run.. 

You think. 
Is your shadow really bigger? 
Or you have become smaller?
Doesn't matter. 

You know only one thing. 
You are free.
In mind, body, soul.

And you run...
And you run..

*[dedicated to all those that run..
in life, in spirit, in emotions].

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The unshaped form of heart
The embossed scheme of soul

The ghost of the worst curse
The means of all bless

Device of misery
Source of eternal bliss

A demon of the light
An angel of the dark

Dying in inertia and tediousness
Growing in boldness and penetration

Terribly shut full of wise or fear
Amazingly open excreting felicity often

Evil enemy of solitude
Best friend of sharing

The entry of the body fuel
The end of the mind tunnel

Distant prison of death 
Familiar companion of life

Can destroy universe without a word
Can build heaven with one phrase

The fatal touch with a poisonous bite
The ultimate love vehicle with a sweet kiss

This precious mouth...
A powerful tool in human possess.

Its use a personal thing. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013


You are pushed to answer within seconds which one thing you pursue in life.
Life mission is an answer you should give, in exchange of your happiness.
Rules are clear. 
Your answer should be sincere, true, otherwise there is no future for you. 
You will  be dead. 
You are under pressure. 
All life decisions, answers are given under pressure in life. 
You should have been used to it. 
You are not. 
Upon your answer, you will be favored to reach your life targets.  
But all other goals will be probably lost for ever. 
This is the deal. 
You are terrified, you think of this one unique answer. 
You dive into your mind's thoughts,  your unconsciousness dark side. 
You find yourself confused.. 
Time is have to answer. 
Nothings comes out of your mind, out of your mouth. 
You want everything, but nothing specifically more than the others. 
You want power, bright career, wealth. 
You also seek for pleasure, desire. 
You know personal development is a life destination. 
Also sharing, expanding, family, is sometimes the only source of happiness. 
Time is ending. 
3, 2, 1....
No answer. 

You 're gone. 
You wake up sweaty.
It was a nightmare. 
You are happy it was only a bad sleeping experience. 
A tough one, that made you think. 
You suddenly realize you have no life mission. 
You see why you are so confused and stressed every day. 
You don't know what you are fighting for. 
You suddenly appreciate the value of time, without pressure. 
You need to spend sometime with yourself. 
You need to think. 
You need to give your answer. 
To yourself. 



Thursday, June 6, 2013


You can not say to a bird not to fly
unless you cut his wings,
but then he will sit on a branch and sing melodies.

You can not say to a fish not to swim
unless you take it out of water,
but then it will spend its last moments dreaming.

You can not say to the sun not to shine
unless you blow away for clouds to hide its light,
but then it will invite rain to come and refresh the earth.

You can not say to a flower not to blossom
unless you know the wind will take its petals away,
but then its seeds will give birth to new buds.

You can not take away the smile of a little girl
unless you read her books with scary stories,
but then she will learn from fear how to protect herself.

You can not say to a woman not to have a child
unless you know fate will play her a cruel game,
but then she will be dedicated to something bigger.

You can not say to a ballet dancer not to dance
unless you tie her hands up with a rope,
but then she will still dance in her dreams.

You can not say to someone not to insist
unless he has tried many times and failed,
but then his fate may change in this very last precious try.

You can not say to me not to love you
unless you stop my heart and kill my soul,
but then I will haunt yours to feel your eternal heartbeat.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hello, how can I help you?
you said, I said, someone said,
I don't remember.

Make me healthy,
so that I can enjoy life.
You are blessed with this.

Make me happy,
so that I can laugh out loud.
You have the perfect smile.

Make me smart,
so that I can overcome all problems.
Your brain wins your mind.

So, how can you help me?
I will keep reminding you all these.
To be thankful every day.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Why you are standing there alone?
I am alone? I didn't realize that until now.
How did it happen?
I was just curious to look around and explore.
We are all curious but we never do this.
Together we feel stronger.
Then you are all dependent of each other.
And you?
I feel complete, alone.
Are you?
I had no choice, I had to move on this way.
And how you manage to be complete?
I learn it; every day I walk one step further.
What you need to do this?
Courage, faith, patience, braveness.
Tell us about your experience.
It is a lonely and difficult trip.
Do you feel scared?
All the time, but when I do, I move on faster.
Do you feel you have it all?
I do, but I miss so many.
Will you continue this way?
Not sure, sometimes I feel I just want to hide among you.
Cause you are different, and this is your nature.
Then, why you said you altogether feel stronger?
We are so jealous you dared what we never will.
You don't seem happy. Why don't you at least try?
Wish we had your courage, but we don't.
At least try to make your own trip even within the crowd.




Saturday, June 1, 2013


Exhausted by useless trips
Let me sleep in your hands
Make me love you deeply
Discover new exotic lands.

Need to break free, surrender
Spend precious time together
Laugh, make love, hear your breath
Capture our moments forever.

Come closer, touch my skin
I need to enjoy your silence
Feel the rhythm of my heartbeat
Bet on our strong alliance.

Sing me a sweet lullaby
blow away my fears
empower me with your strength
your voice, melody in soul and ears.

Only accept my small confess 
I'm a bit fragile
Don't ask about the past
I only need to smile.