Tuesday, June 18, 2013


You walk on the beach. You find a beautiful sea-shell. You admire it. 
You keep it into your hands. You put it close to your ear.... You close your eyes.....

What is this voice?
It is me.

What do you want?
Came to give you some answers.

In which questions?
You tell me.

I have many. Where do I begin?
The most important will come out of your feelings.

I feel tired.
Of what?

Of many. Mainly of trying to find the love of my life, my soulmate. I've almost quit. 
Then, you identified your first question.

So, how can I find him?
Why don't you try to write him a letter?

What do I have to say?
What about ... “I am tired of trying to find you. Why don’t you also try a little?"

Is this going to work?
Maybe yes, maybe not; at least you will know you reached him and you will stop feeling exhausted. 

You are right. I quit. I will let him find me.
Sure, but still. Don’t forget to write this letter.

You didn't tell me, where will I send it?
When you write it, you will know. 

How will I recognize him when I meet him?
He will tell you he received your letter. 

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