Monday, June 17, 2013


We grew up together.
Me and you.
Same age as we were growing older.
A rose to my life when I was born.
My Rosa.
I remember you so well.
Dark, small and frisky.
Your voice still in my ears. 
Hugging you softly in my arms.
Singing lullabies to make you sleep.
Feeding you, chasing after you.  
Playing, laughing, cheating.
Spending so much time together. 
Training you the most funny tricks.
Praying for a miracle.
To make you speak.
Dreaming about it day and night.
These years of innocence..

My best friend.
So faithful. 
Always there.
Keeping me company silently. 
In my loneliness.
Never interrupting.
Never complaining.
Expressing your love in the most exciting way.
My adorable companion. 
Confessing to you all my fears and problems.
Spending hours explaining you silly things. 
Knowing you were listening. 
Swearing to God you could understand me. 
Trusting you so deeply.
My secret world.
As I never did, to anyone, ever again.

And then, one day, you said goodbye.
Silently, as was your life. 
When I needed you the most.
Your time so condensed.
My adolescence, your old age.
Nature injustice.  
How can anyone forget?
This pure, innocent way of love.
To someone out of yourself.
Out of your family.
This deep sorrow when you left.
Now, sure that you teached me more than I did.
This compassion, this patience.
This loyalty, this self-sufficiency. 
This spontaneous joy and gratitude.
All these simple things, virtual virtues. 
Humans seldomnly possess.
I try hard to follow your quite advices.  
A precious Bible of mind.
That I often revise, always remember. 
You, my best friend of childhood, my teacher.
My Rosa.

If you could finally speak 
what would you say?

Continue confessing.. 
Find your way.
Never forget that small things 
give you the greatest happiness. 
Thank you.. 

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