Friday, June 14, 2013

Rainy night

Everything was so perfect.
If I had to repeat it
changing a second, a deadly sin.
Meeting you so unexpectedly.
Appearing from nowhere. 
Exploring my deepest thoughts.
Dancing with the best part of me.
Free. Secure. Lonely.
Why now? 
Why not before? Why not later?
Was it a game of fate?
An incomplete meeting of the past?
Will never know.

Your soul so familiar, your touch so soft.
Your words so simple, gentle, my absolute fit.
A fictional image trying to invade my reality.
A reflection of everything I dreamed of.
Just having you next to me.
Every second, so unique.
Complete and natural for no reason.
Relaxed and peaceful.
Just breathing your presence.
Like I knew you forever.
This weird feeling that I will miss you.
Before you even leave.

Telling stories, laughing, cheating time.
I could see it clearly.
I was about to fall in love with you.
Fighting hard not to admit it.
A little war within my peace.
Your first move to come closer.
Your open heart.
These seconds that lasted a minute.
Or an eternity...
Felt so fearless and scary.
So weak and strong.
This strange sense.
To escape, to run away.

Resisting to love.
Afraid of being hurt.
That look...
Captured in your smile.
I knew.
Hesitations left away.
My desire, one word.
Past didn't matter.
Future was too far away.
Present was proudly watching.
I knew I will carry you forever.
Our unknown story just had started.

Maybe it should have finished earlier.
Maybe the dawn seduced us. 
So jealous, kidnapped our future.
Maybe it never happened.
Maybe it hasn't started yet.
Maybe it was just another story for you.
Maybe it was only a dream for me.
Our life was following us.
Wondering silently.
What to offer.
What to steal.
Just me and you, our universe. 

That rainy night, I will never forget. 

Was it really raining?
I didn't notice. 

Is this a goodnight?
It will never be good without you. 

*[To you].