Thursday, June 6, 2013


You can not say to a bird not to fly
unless you cut his wings,
but then he will sit on a branch and sing melodies.

You can not say to a fish not to swim
unless you take it out of water,
but then it will spend its last moments dreaming.

You can not say to the sun not to shine
unless you blow away for clouds to hide its light,
but then it will invite rain to come and refresh the earth.

You can not say to a flower not to blossom
unless you know the wind will take its petals away,
but then its seeds will give birth to new buds.

You can not take away the smile of a little girl
unless you read her books with scary stories,
but then she will learn from fear how to protect herself.

You can not say to a woman not to have a child
unless you know fate will play her a cruel game,
but then she will be dedicated to something bigger.

You can not say to a ballet dancer not to dance
unless you tie her hands up with a rope,
but then she will still dance in her dreams.

You can not say to someone not to insist
unless he has tried many times and failed,
but then his fate may change in this very last precious try.

You can not say to me not to love you
unless you stop my heart and kill my soul,
but then I will haunt yours to feel your eternal heartbeat.

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