Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer love

I see the sun's rays flirting
Our bright reflection, skin's shy burning.

I see the sea's attractive catch
Our naked bodies, sand's favorite match.

I see your eye's drunk temptation
Our unspoken signal, body's tango invasion.

I see the wave's blue hood
Our erotic call, playful mood.

I see the ice-cream's soft melt
Our sticky mouth, sweet caramel's scent.

I see your face's glance
Our first kiss, my heart's mythic dance.

I see you saying goodbye
Our next moment, precious time's lullaby.

I see the thirst's explosion
Our magic cocktail, subordinate's devotion.

I see myself lost in our lust
Our mystic dream, leading actors' cast.

I see us dancing under the moon
Our silver shadows, summer's proud boon.

I see our feet playing with the sea foam
Our wet love, vision of night's dome.

I love summer and hot..
You love winter and cold..

Will you be my summer love?
Only if you promise winder will never complain.