Saturday, June 15, 2013

Femme fatale

Femme fatale..
This unique non-traditional female.
Lives, walks, breathes among us.
Still so unusual, special.
Mysterious and seductive.
Free and powerful.
Strong and dangerous.
Smart and witty.
Fatal attractive.
Pure female essence on her skin.
Nothing childish.
Empowered by the freedom of movement.
Committed to her independence.

Femme fatale...
Covered by her inexplicable refusal to be possessed.
Refused to be defined by the male hero.
Denied to play the role of prize possession.
To be converted or to accept capture.
To sacrifice her life in useless societal cages.
To compromise in meaningful commitments.
Expert in the absolute control.
Discipline in her rules.
On men.
Her mind.
Heart and soul.

Femme fatale..
Evil machine of desire.
Defined by her dangerous sexuality.
Sex, her pleasure game.
A weapon, a tool.
Lover of the most ancient art.
Men doomed to be seduced.
Lost in her magical addiction.
Seekers of her passion.
Manipulated by her dazzling aura.
Victims of inevitable obsession.
Trapped in bonds of irresistible intoxication.
Charmed by her independent nature.
Admirers of her exciting way of living.
Without projections, expectations, promises.
Just living for the moment.
So liberating.
Leading them into dangerous, deadly situations.

Femme fatale..
Ordinary housewives hate her, so jealous.
Secretly idolize her.
Never admit it.
The hero of their dark dreams.
The role they will never have the courage to live.
They know so little about her.
They wonder.
Try to find an explanation to feed their fears.
What is she hiding?
What is her secret? 
How she manages to keep her mind controlled?
How she dares to be so independent?
Maybe this is her only nature, so sad. 
Maybe was romantic once. 
Dedicated, loved deeply. 
Tried, insisted, hurt. 
Couldn't breathe. 
Felt like a caged animal. 
This routinized boredom within people. 
Who hate each other. 
Or just tolerate for a reason. 
Felt repulsion for the sadistic lack of interest. 
Hater of confining, loveless, sexless, dull relations. 
This sense of stifling entrapment. 
Alone, tough, heartless... 

Femme fatale...
This ethereal creature.
Attracts the absolute attention.
Of everyone.
Erotic in her body, her clothing.
Her words, her actions.
A movie star.
So controversial.
So sought-after.
Her identity under exploration.
One of us.
Maybe me, maybe you.

"I never told you I was anything but what I am
- you just wanted to imagine I was".

Out of the past

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