Thursday, June 13, 2013


Running is liberating.
Purifies your body and soul.
Sweat drops slips on your skin smoothly.
Bathed by your body’s liquids.
Condensed drops of toxins kicked away.
Hormones excretion, a remedy of mind.

And you run, and you run..

Being all by yourself, independent.
Feeling the upper state of your loneliness.
Hearing your breath and reaching your limits.
You meet with yourself, a blind runner.
Deleting all heavy thoughts.
Becoming light and alive.

And you run, and you run...

And the evening comes.
The sun follows you silently.
So generous, enlightens your way.
Goes lower as you go higher.
Each step increase your shadow, your only companion.
You stop and you gaze at your dark reflection.
You have become bigger.

And you run, and you run.. 

You think. 
Is your shadow really bigger? 
Or you have become smaller?
Doesn't matter. 

You know only one thing. 
You are free.
In mind, body, soul.

And you run...
And you run..

*[dedicated to all those that run..
in life, in spirit, in emotions].

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