Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Living alone in the apartment of your luxurious body.
Surrounded by the walls of your erotic flesh.
Looking in the mirror your twin reflection.
This enchanting female essence.. 

The fascinating attraction of the naked beauty.
The eye game of the seduction spirit.
The visual capturing of your familiar lover.
Your trembling skin, a prisoner of desire.

A soft touch explodes your lonely senses.
The air, secret spy, doomed to fall in love with you.
Sexual magnetic fields circulate around your veins.
The beat of your heart seduce the silence.

Unconfessed shivering of familiar passion.
Fantasy games of lovers you never reveal.
Hidden dreams of lust you never dare to share.
Unspoken words of longing for delirious contact.

You close your eyes; the most alluring scene just in front of you. 
Mind games that wipe out time, distance, space.
You feel him suddenly all over you, under your skin.
You taste his salty lips, helplessly addicted to his male scent. 

Don’t speak, I need your silence, you hear his voice.
We are one; every pore of your body shouts.
Keep your eyes shut, he whispers.
His voice tone, a calm beg and command.

You obey blindly, servant to the unknown source of stimulant.
Exposed, to your primitive ecstatic dance.
Indulged by the aphrodisiac moments of topping.
Mind and soul gaze at your reborn presence, flirting with your evil sins.

Your body’s ecstatic resetting, a wet passionate struggle. 
A sensual delight of an unidentified dimension.  

You open your eyes.
This tempting male perfume...
You know someone was there. 
You look around.
You close your eyes again. 

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  1. Extremely sensual, so filled with longing ... Beautifully written.