Monday, June 24, 2013

Full moon

You loved travelling around me, all the time. 
Your elliptic orbit, so constant and steady.

Sometimes dark, unseen by eye, but always there.  
Hater of the sun, hiding in your secret cave silently.

Sometimes fully bright, one other side of yours.
Sending your blur light to enlighten my soul. 

And your trip was following this dark and light repetition
Every new phase, new beginnings to become an end again.

I could see every night changing your position.
Small steps towards a constant direction, so far away.

Watching silently your quite move, loosing time during your endless game.
Observing your sky diamonds, precious but never completely mine.

You showed me your milky way, adored your accompanied weird planets.
Passionate to learn about your unknown land, to hug your deserted shell.

That night you came so bright, challenging me to taste your beauty.
The scenery, a battlefield of frozen love dreams, ghosts of smoky insomnia. 

It was the first time I saw clearly the deep scars of your surface.
Those sunken spots that I loved and ignored, so apparently alone, untreated.

It was our full.
It was my need to mourn…so fool.

I know you will always be there, travelling around me, dark and bright.  

I will never look at the moon again.

The night sky will belong only to my stars, strong and bright, unique and steady, every night.

A promise to my inner soul moon, wasted in useless circles.

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