Friday, June 28, 2013

Three words

You open your mouth to say the three words.
I love you.
Nothing comes out of your mouth.
Just a scream.
Its aimless use, a sin that destroys paradise.
Three words of power, made of steel.
Prisoners of wet dark cells.
Dreaming of light and warmth.
Waiting passionately to be released one day.
Wishing this time to find the right destination.
To the one that deserves to hear it.
And he doesn't know it yet.
But desperately makes the same wish.
Every day.

These precious three words.
Just a small phrase inside you.
Heavy, exiled, doomed to live alone.
Buried behind your tongue.
Tied somewhere deep down your chest.
Heartbeat tries hard to make it escape.
Its valuable meaning, a priceless gift.
Wrapped in a luxurious box.
With no content.
A small capture within, of all your feelings. 
Your heart.
Sent but still undelivered.
Waiting for the one that looks forward to receive it.
Anxious to open it. 
Ready to appreciate its value.

This small phrase. 
You have heard it many times. 
A rotten message. 
Cheap reflection of weak meaningless hearts. 
A failed ear lover. 
Just eight letters. 
Dreaming to live one day in a warm house.
With walls painted in black and white.
But you only see colors.
Built with no boundaries.
Where time has no value.
Where flowers blossom with no water.
Just laughs and songs.
Its hosts generously donate without asking.
Kings and servants.
Sharing all effort and reward.
Every day.

I don’t want to escape anymore.
I like my dark prison.
Where is this warm house? 
Where is the recipient of the box?

Open your mouth.
Cross the road towards your heart.
Follow this quite path.
He is living there.
His has built a Taj Mahal inside you. 
So that you can feel peace and calm every day.

Keep your three words inside you. 

Don’t waste them for anyone. 
But the one you will meet there. 

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