Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Looking for the path that deadlock finds its way,
I'm traveling.

Building homes and changing lands,
I remember.

Fighting fire with alcohol and smoke,
I forget.

Sleeping with the danger to stay awake,
I smile.

Dressing cold nights with a sweet voice.
I cry.

Breaking walls in a home without doors,
I insist.

Planting flowers to smell their aroma for a second,
I appreciate.

Living years within moments,
I grow up.

Flying in worlds where oxygen is our breath,
I'm dreaming.

Sailing in deep blue to find shipwrecks,
I expand.

Seeing colors in black and white,
I hope.

Replying to messages with questions,
I wonder.

Preparing myself for my next mistake,
I am alive.

Learning to walk in time and space to meet you,
I miss you.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


I want to write about you.
I want to capture your smile in a phrase.
I want to imprint on paper characters that reflect your gentle eyes.
I want to draw a diagram with the pulse of my heartbeat when I first met you.
I want to record the melody that you whispered once in the dark.
I want to paint with colours our first kiss.
I want to chronicle the stories we used to share and laugh.
I want to list our precious memories and secrets that nobody knows. 

But I can’t. 

I don’t remember your smile; I can only recall a mouth terribly shut.
I don’t remember your eyes, you looked down before the silence.
I don’t remember the pulse of my heartbeat; its sound changed the next moment.
I don’t remember the melody you whispered, its rhythm is locked in my mute world.
I don’t remember our first kiss; its sweetness was removed by a bitter slap.
I don’t remember our stories, the last dark one won the battle and killed the rest.
I don’t remember our memories and secrets, they are kidnapped by my future. 

But there are times that the past haunts my soul and a kiss from tomorrow resurrects my mouth.

And these times, my typewriter becomes an armchair; she invites me to sit down softly on her keys and beg me to talk.

These times, I recount and she writes. 
About all those old tales that are now covered by dust and those new that look at me with a tempting smile.

These times, my name is Afrodite Janus. 

Friday, October 25, 2013


Sometimes I wonder how things would be without the wind
That wind that lifts you up and push you to fly to unknown lands
That rude flurry of the sky that swirls your peaceful mind
That furious power that fights with your heart’s gravity and always wins.

Sometimes I wish I could swim in the air of my soul
I wish I could reach the sun and burn my desires’ wings
I wish I could dissolve my fears in the empty clouds
I wish I could land safely on the ground with the first rain drops.

Sometimes I smile for all those I could see from the heights
Roofs of forgotten dreams that incubate power and courage
Hats of noble men that cover wise wrinkles and rich inner worlds
Intelligent spirits that fight for a place in a body match race. 

Sometimes I want to scream and let my voice travel with the wind
To warn all those that try to hide their ugliness that are visible in the dark
To lift the face of those lonely blind walkers and make them trust the light
To speak to nature, declare my trivial presence and unify with its beauty.  

Sometimes I cry for all those that followed me silently and I forgot
For those that were killed unfairly when the wind was strong
For those that were lost by mistake and will never be found
For those that were struggling to speak but had no chance and voice.

Sometimes I imagine I open my arms and I surrender to the wind
Like a naked weak bird that trust its magnetic instinct
Like an erotic dance of a lone leaf that miss the ground
Like a sunray that travels fast knowing it will never come back.  

I met the sky once and begged: 
“Fly me to my dreams".

The sky replied:
"Maybe, if you let yourself into the wind, you may land in the right place someday, instead of looking around your whole life to find it. There, at that land, your dreams are waiting for you".

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I am ready now to take off my hood.
My hesitations start to fall apart.
My emotions dance and flood.

I don't want just to hold your hand.
I want to feel you close.
In heart and soul, not land.

Longing for your hypnotic kiss.
I live to feel your smile.
To see you push the button of bliss.

Chase away your doubts and fears.
Shape a story, insist, make us stars.
Capture life in seconds and years.

I now freeze wishes and just pray.
This time life to play fairly its game.
Wise fate to show us the way.

What do you expect?

Expectations kill the moment. 
I just need to get rid of this heavy hood. 
I need to feel the sun on my skin. 
I need to breath. 
I need to live. 
And yes. 
I need to see you coming. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Kill loneliness.
Make a bet she will disappear with a smile.
Then shed a tear and let time shape your mouth.

Fight loneliness.
A scent in the air still tries to find its way.
A voice lost in time echoes from the future.

Stare at loneliness.
Draw her unshaped figure.
See her shadow, touch her color.

Seduce loneliness.
Look at her blind eyes, confess.
Speak her mute language.

Don’t blame loneliness.
Honor her presence; she came to teach you.
The value of a true kiss that last.

Listen to loneliness.
Amazing stories are waiting to be told.
In silence all voices are louder.

Don’t hate loneliness.
Protect her. Embrace her.
You will miss her sometime.

I asked loneliness to go.
She smiled and came closer.
I moved away. She approached.
I run. She looked after me.
I slept. She came in my dreams.
She gave me a gift. A bad company.
I asked her back. She returned.
We spent some time together.
She read me stories to sleep.
She gave me another gift.
For all that I look but I never see. 
For all that I keep but I never touch.
For all that I sense but I never feel.
I realized her precious presence.
We are now friends.
I love her good company.
She follows me in the crowd.
I dance with her.
We make long walks and talks.
I feel thankful for all that I learned from her.
I feel complete/
Lonely but never alone.
I owe her.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Love Chemistry

Love (L) is a rare molecule consisting of three atoms/elements tied together: Friendship, Attraction, Vision.

Friendship is a basic element; the soul of this small particle. Its unique property to maintain the molecule's stability under pressure is determinant for its strong consistency.

Attraction is an unstable element, temperature-dependent. It reacts violently with other elements, giving a strong exothermic reaction, resulting to its rapid inactivation if not properly handled.

Vision is a heavy element. It is important in maintaining L molecule' s property to create strong bonds with other similar molecules and remain constant even under the most extreme external conditions.

When two L molecules meet under proper conditions, their one-way reaction is immediate and inevitable. The use of a catalyzer is unnecessary. The new compound formed is the most precious in nature. Nothing and no one can break the bonds of the new strong and powerful substance. A return to its previous state is impossible.

What if under really extreme conditions the substance breaks into the two L molecules? 

Then it was not L molecules. 
It was something else. 

[*L molecule = oxytocin]