Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Looking for the path that deadlock finds its way,
I'm traveling.

Building homes and changing lands,
I remember.

Fighting fire with alcohol and smoke,
I forget.

Sleeping with the danger to stay awake,
I smile.

Dressing cold nights with a sweet voice.
I cry.

Breaking walls in a home without doors,
I insist.

Planting flowers to smell their aroma for a second,
I appreciate.

Living years within moments,
I grow up.

Flying in worlds where oxygen is our breath,
I'm dreaming.

Sailing in deep blue to find shipwrecks,
I expand.

Seeing colors in black and white,
I hope.

Replying to messages with questions,
I wonder.

Preparing myself for my next mistake,
I am alive.

Learning to walk in time and space to meet you,
I miss you.