Monday, October 7, 2013

Love Chemistry

Love (L) is a rare molecule consisting of three atoms/elements tied together: Friendship, Attraction, Vision.

Friendship is a basic element; the soul of this small particle. Its unique property to maintain the molecule's stability under pressure is determinant for its strong consistency.

Attraction is an unstable element, temperature-dependent. It reacts violently with other elements, giving a strong exothermic reaction, resulting to its rapid inactivation if not properly handled.

Vision is a heavy element. It is important in maintaining L molecule' s property to create strong bonds with other similar molecules and remain constant even under the most extreme external conditions.

When two L molecules meet under proper conditions, their one-way reaction is immediate and inevitable. The use of a catalyzer is unnecessary. The new compound formed is the most precious in nature. Nothing and no one can break the bonds of the new strong and powerful substance. A return to its previous state is impossible.

What if under really extreme conditions the substance breaks into the two L molecules? 

Then it was not L molecules. 
It was something else. 

[*L molecule = oxytocin]

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