Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Kill loneliness.
Make a bet she will disappear with a smile.
Then shed a tear and let time shape your mouth.

Fight loneliness.
A scent in the air still tries to find its way.
A voice lost in time echoes from the future.

Stare at loneliness.
Draw her unshaped figure.
See her shadow, touch her color.

Seduce loneliness.
Look at her blind eyes, confess.
Speak her mute language.

Don’t blame loneliness.
Honor her presence; she came to teach you.
The value of a true kiss that last.

Listen to loneliness.
Amazing stories are waiting to be told.
In silence all voices are louder.

Don’t hate loneliness.
Protect her. Embrace her.
You will miss her sometime.

I asked loneliness to go.
She smiled and came closer.
I moved away. She approached.
I run. She looked after me.
I slept. She came in my dreams.
She gave me a gift. A bad company.
I asked her back. She returned.
We spent some time together.
She read me stories to sleep.
She gave me another gift.
For all that I look but I never see. 
For all that I keep but I never touch.
For all that I sense but I never feel.
I realized her precious presence.
We are now friends.
I love her good company.
She follows me in the crowd.
I dance with her.
We make long walks and talks.
I feel thankful for all that I learned from her.
I feel complete/
Lonely but never alone.
I owe her.


  1. Wow, beautiful poem and amazing language. It was so deep and raw, and I could really feel how loneliness was weaved into the whole poem.

  2. Yes, loved the imagery your words evoked. Lovely poem.