Sunday, May 11, 2014


On my way to reach the end of love's marathon, I sing
Observing the future running faster than the past, I think

Hungry for a love that will flourish and last, You dream
Frightened by encounters that imprison, You scream

Solving problems that twist my heart,  You coach
Charmed by my daring life and ideas, You approach

Terrified by sounds that have no tomorrow, I lock
Trying to welcome presents that time offers, I knock

Amused by success that ties your wrists, You fight
Holding a cigar and lost in a smoke of memories, You light

Guided by a compass that lead me to directions you admire, I sail
Trying to erase a smile that is yours since you met me, You fail

Gifted with the power to transform frames into ladders, I live
Realizing the preciousness of seconds versus eternity, I forgive

Reborn in a place where miracles happen, I become your teacher
Embracing the past as a wise old friend, I give birth to my future

Rational mind, deep emotions, mature choices, true love and luck
From this point on, I decide, there is no turning back.

In wrong places there is always the right moment.

To find something you were missing.
Something that you ignored its existance and value.

Lonely there, it was waiting to be found.
Some call it a "happy accident".
I call it a "sad happiness".
Sad for the time lost without it.
Happiness for the unexpected gift.
This moment is called "serendipity".

[*serendipity: one of the rare English words
that can not be translated into other languages]