Sunday, September 22, 2013


It all relates to those that bring a genuine smile in your face.
It all smiles at you when it comes from inside.
It all comes from inside when you thankfully grab what life offers you.
It is all offered to you generously when you know how to share and dare the impossible.
It is all possible when you have the capacity to appreciate properly and on time.
It is all appreciated when you know what value means.
It is all valued by time, presence and absence, ends and beginnings. 
It is a beginning when there is a mature and sincere decision to follow a new choice.
It is a new choice when you know how, where and when to put an end.
It is an end when you lost something you considered all yours.
It is all yours; your dreams, your time, your desires, your mind, your heart, your path.
It is your right path, when you find it easy, as if it is meant to happen.
It all happens when you least expect it. 
It is all expected when you have tried hard and you deserve it.
It is clear that you deserve it when your soul is pure.
It is pure when your heart sings.
It sings when have all you ever dreamed of. 
It is all you ever dreamed of that determines who you really are.
It is who you are that lead you to specific life goals and their pursuit. 
It is a life pursuit that worth it when you feel peaceful, when you have reached happiness.

It is happiness when you insisted 
on those that really matter and 
you feel the circle is complete.

It is complete when you end up 
with a unique genuine smile in your face.

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