Sunday, September 8, 2013


This is our biggest mistake.
We always think we have time.

And the time of the past has gone.
We see its blurred figure already far away.
It doesn't turn its head back, just moves forward.
Proud, aware of its increased value; it disappears.
And the time of the present is here, available.
We see its innocent face staring at us helpless.
It stands speechless, waiting to be exploited.
Unaware of its potential and charm, cheats us that it will never go.

And the time of the future is only in our dreams.
We only see its seductive shadow that ignites our tension to fantasize.
It has its mouth shut, hiding its shady and pointy teeth.
Ready to bite our present, to snatch and familiarize the property of procrastination haters.

And we remain blind in our passion to ignore past, postpone present and expect future.
In a blend of visions, dead wishes, alive hopes, sick prospects.
And we wake up every day forgetting to live now.
Regretting the past and replacing the present with tomorrow.

And the present becomes past that we forget.
And the future becomes present that we hate.
And life goes on silently and we refuse to live.
And lost opportunities are becoming old, grey, dead.

And we become pessimists for the past that has been left unexplored.
And optimists for a future that will balance our woes.
And we think we are fighters but the truth is only one. 
We are nothing but ugly, terrified creatures, wasting time.

Unable to appreciate the true meaning of present.
We are suddenly old and wise enough to remember our mistakes. 
Small to realize that time is never ours.
So ungrateful that we continue our lonely trip with sole companion our fake illusions.

And we move on.  
And we fill our life with actions to feel busy. 
We walk, we cross bridges, we stand, we rest, we sleep, we wait, but we never think. 
Killed in the past, living as zombies in the present, hoping for a resurrection in the future.

And we continue our daily effortless energy waste of feeding others' hungry minds.  
To live a life that others think we deserve.
To build a worth-telling story so as others be proud to share.
To love and be loved expecting that others will never notice our deprived heart.

And we see time mocking at us and leaving.
And nothing stays the same.
And we count victories.
When all we have is our lost battles.

Dust traps of unexplored golden mines.
Of daily smiles replaced by sullen faces.
Of true loves and values replaced by ruthless ambitions.
Of a lost past and an unexplored present. 

But we are happy.
'Cause future is in front of us.
We have time.

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