Thursday, September 5, 2013

Love Story

So I know..
It's all about fight for Love. 
That precious intoxicating and addictive liquid that nourishes Ηeart. 

Heart is always thirsty. Craving for Love. 
Love is never enough. Never complete.
Sometimes Passion wears Love's mask and cheat Heart.
Heart becomes greedy and fool. 
Observing this behaviour, Ηeart's good friend, Soul, speaks to her with his rational mind. 
Tries to advice Heart about virtues, gratitude and balance. 
Heart, lost in the game of chasing Passion, ignores her good friend Soul and trusts Love to Time. 
Heart is blind, she doesn't see Time's sneaky face. 
Jealous Time is curious to possess this precious unknown filter, Love.
When Passion is gone, Heart asks Time to take Love back. 
Time refuses. 
He is powerful. Fights with Heart and wins. 
Keeps Love for a while in his possession. 
Love evaporates with Time.
Being apart from Heart, Love has no existence. 
Time is unaware of the use of Love. Feels annoyed by its heavy weight. 
He gradually drops a glass of its precious content until almost all Love is gone. 

Angry defeated Heart fights with her best friend Soul for not protecting her against Time. 
Naive Soul is beaten. Heart survives. 
An injustice sacrifice of Soul in the name of Love. 
Soul finds it hard to accept this betrayal from his friend, Heart. 
Soul curse Heart.
The curse is hard, eternal. 
To live one life on earth, to feel pain, to stop one day and die. 
To make a repeating lethal sound, a reminder of its mortal nature. 
The trophy of a fight chasing blindly Passion.
A triumph, a perpetual obtrusive alarm.
A racking prize for an unfair victory against a supporting friend. 
A poisonous drumming full of sorrow.
A mourning march for the loss of a fighter, companion. 
Now an enemy. Dead Soul.
A ghost.

Dying Love, wonders... 
Why all that happened after all?
Was it a fair game? 
What was the role of Time?
Was Heart stronger than Soul?
Where are memories buried? 

In Soul, Heart replies.Why I need someone to remind me of my mistakes? 
Your greediness is your conviction, Soul shouts.
Το wander in an endless trip to find Love and be hurt again and again. 
I will stay away from your life. Without me you are now doomed to forget.
I will not be by your side to remind you, to protect you. 
Same mistakes, will cost you your peace. 
You may find Passion but nothing compares to Love you neglected. 
Stay alone. Thirsty. Empty. Hurt. 
This is your destiny. 
Yours and everyone elses's who has lost Love for no reason. 

Soul becomes friend with Time. 
He explains to Time the meaning of Love. 
Time now appreciates its value. 
Time keeps the last glass of Love. 
He meets a new thirsty Heart once. 
A weak and tender one. 
The new Heart looks Time in the eyes blindly. 
Time feels compassion. 
He knows what he has to do. 
He offers the last glass of Love. 

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