Sunday, June 30, 2013


I saw your eyes yesterday night.
You kissed my lips, you hold me tight.
You were not sure, whether to stay or go.
I was wondering, whether to trust you or no.

We spent some time together; God, so intense.
A whole life within some weeks, a love in fence.
Wished we could try from zero, make a new start.
Wanted you to come closer, feel me, touch my heart.

You were confused, distant, you stole my role.
A weak struggle to fondle my heart’s hole.
Again this strange intimacy, I wanted to share more.
My secret dreams, desire, my soul’s core.

This time it was so clear, you were afraid to dare.
Your words of the past so blind, I thought you care.
Your compass disoriented; wasted in fake lands.
If you just knew, you would always hold my hands.

You are a lonely traveler, you aimlessly try to escape.
Your plane has landed time ago, but you missed your cave.
You seem so strong; but your soul inside sensitive and lost.
I saw a dream last night; you were my love’s host. 

Life's plane is ready for takeoff. 
Open the box.
I need to fly.

Life give many chances
But you may lose them all 
If you forget to try. 

Have a good & safe trip. 


  1. I love this. The feel for more than just touch. Nothing satisfying the feeling you need almost like being compressed with them is the only way to feel that strong feeling.

    Great poem!!!