Tuesday, July 2, 2013


You made me who I am.
You do so every day.
In your way. 
My lover.
My soulmate. 
My best friend. 
My father. 
The one who just left. 
The one who is here. 
The one who hasn't come yet. 
My power.  
My everything.
All you.

You scheduled in detail every part of me.
Dedicated to your art, you continue.
There is nothing I can do to stop you.
Preparing the outline of my body.
Blowing life and soul.
Every day.
Making my heartbeat louder.
Leaving feet for the end.
To make them strong.
To show me how to stand tall.
To leave me decide where to go.

You continue drawing me.
And I resist.
And you try to erase any mistakes made.  
And I block you.
And you insist.
And I obey.
And you listen.
And I surrender.
Cause I need them all.
All the scars, all the love.
It is all part of me.

I know I am left in your hands.
To shape me.
Following the line of my dreams.
As I confessed you once.
As you didn’t dare to listen.
I trust your imagination.
I adore the way you see me.
A sculpture in front of you.
All my being.
And you. 
Shape me.

Thank you for making me who I am.
If I had to choose from zero.
I would select you again.
My talented designer.
My best sculptor.
Body, soul, heart.
All from you.

All for you. 


  1. There are people in life that mould us and in some ways help to define who we are. Hopefully this people are good designers :-) Great work.