Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Some things in life are not easily taught. If you are lucky you are born with these gifts that follow you all your life. They are offered to you as a talent or charisma. They define you and determine all your actions, success and love life. Most of the times, they are even independent of your physical appearance, educational background and economic status. 

Charm. A personal thing. Difficult to define and hard thing to master. For some, it is the art of having an an attractive personality. Definitely the key component of distinction between those that know how to attract people around them easily and those that will always be isolated and tedious despite their hard efforts to be liked. Hopefully, it is not only an immanent characteristic but also a learning personal skill for those who know how to insist and win.

Charming recipe is about blending a mix of gentle habits that manage to seduce without intention, make others love you without even trying it. Charming magic components include: a unique genuine and inviting smile, a tempting way of making compliments and communicate with passion, a personal way of being elegant, a quick wit, a clever sense of humor with a dose of self-sarcasm and self-deprecating, a passionate way of loving and taking care of yourself, a natural way of being gentle and kind in hearsaying and finally an admirable way of feeling strong self-confidence. Adopting these elements in your everyday life and mixing them with a spicy dose of your personal touch is a recipe that will give you all that you need on your own way to become irresistible.

Fall in love with temptation and be a charmer. Seek this powerful weapon and adopt it. Charm yourself first. Then wear your most fascinating smile and let the others be seduced.  

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