Wednesday, May 1, 2013

True Talks

Talks sometimes are hard. Exposing your heart and soul is dangerous and risky of hurting others, or being hurt. Necessary if you need to make a start or have an end. We usually avoid or delay them either because we cannot predict the outcome or just because we are afraid that our expectations will not be met.

True talks have two faces.

The first one looks straight into your eyes and speak clear and loud. It is the sincere and straight option. It is what you really want and desire. It is full of self-confidence and power. 

The other one is dark. It hides behind your fears. It makes you feel exhausted and sad. It is the weak option of yourself that you are not proud of. The miserable one that can kill you.

Hesitation is their major enemy. Be strong, take the risk. No matter what the outcome is, life goes on to new unexplored paths that lead you to new experiences and put your past behind. It is your next step in life.

Never postpone true talks. Choose which face better suits you, which one deserves you. 
It’s always up to you to decide. To be strong or weak. To live your dreams or to be lost.

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