Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Turning back...

Am I proud?
Did I enjoy love?
What changed me?
How I reacted to fears?
Did I follow the right path?
Which actions defined me?
When was the right moment?
Did I live my life as I wished?
Which rules governed my life?
What I did wrong that kills me?
Did I have the courage to forget?
What places I should have visited?
Are good moments more than bad?
What I should have chosen instead?
Which talks should have been made?
Did I treat well those that I care about?
Which words should have stayed unspoken?
Which ones that left really deserved to be with?
Which ones that stayed loved me truly after all?
Why I treated everyone else so well except myself?
Who was the one that really touched my heart and soul?
What was the most significant and precious moment I lived?
When was I expecting to take off the black cloth from my eyes?
Why I didn't understand that life is too short to spend it regretting?

Moving forward...

Will I give all my best to become the one that I am dreaming of?
Will I have the courage to prove to myself who I really am?
Will I be thankful for all the miracles I was blessed to live?
Will I find a way to be balance logic and emotion?
Will I be patient and respectful to people I love?
Will I ever repay the happiness I received?
Will my mistakes remind me how to live?
Will I guide myself closer to my desires?
Will I forgive those that made me cry?
Will my passion show me the way?
Which choices will determine me?
Will I be faithful to my believes?
Will I recover my real face?
Will I fight or just follow?
What I wish for myself?
Will I break the rules?
Will I keep walking?
Will I be stronger?
Will I know how?
Will I fight fears?
Will I be happy?
Will I succeed?
Will I love?
Will I live?

Dear past, thank you for your lessons, 
Dear future, I am ready. 
One o' clock, time to live my present. 

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