Friday, May 10, 2013


If regret had a face, it would be a little boy.
A beautiful and smart one unable to smile, made of stone.

If regret was a thing, it would be an expensive car.
Desired by most men, with no wheels to match.

If regret was a picture, it would be a peaceful lake.
Full of vegetation and fish, now desiccated and deserted.

If regret was a sound, it would be the sweetest melody.
Played by a deaf young artist in a small dark room.

If regret was a food, it would be a wine.
Old and priceless broken by an accident, never tasted. 

If regret was a color, it would be grey.
Jealous that will never become black or white.

If regret was a flower, it would be an orchid.
A rare one growing on a secret mountain, burnt by a fire.

If regret had a voice, it would be ours.
Singing our favorite song unable to be heard, under the sea. 

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