Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Extending your thoughts behind your life imagination and limits is a difficult task.
Living as blind walkers in our lonely routine trip.
Handicapped by useless societal and moral necessities.
Prisoners of lost expectations in our body and soul.
Afraid of exposing, dreaming, daring, risking, living.
Persons that we would never select to have as our best friends.

Look around.
Thousands are walking the same time as you walk.
Hundreds are making love the same time as you do.
Millions are talking the same time you try to speak louder.
How do you differentiate yourself?

Have you ever wondered where is your real happiness hidden and why you are not looking for it?
What is the right time to become the amazing person you meet everyday and you never uncover?
How you devote yourself to the purpose of transforming yourself to the hero you admire?
What is your talent, the sectors you are gifted in and why you keep denying them?
What is the tricky point that guides you to all those that you always dreamed of?
Why you leave your body thirsty when you are dying for love and passion?
When do you expect to live the way you wish, break free, enjoy?
What is your spirit whispering every night before you sleep?
When you expect to follow your real passion inside you?
What about extending your life to see what is behind?
You are not curious enough?
Then just breath.

I love this song. 
You are a great piano player. 

Don't know about the piano. 
What is important for me 
is to be a good traveler... 

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