Saturday, May 11, 2013


We met.
I was not expecting you to ask.
You were not expecting me to accept.
The place familiar, silently was following us with respect.
The two of us, again.
Looking at the future that we denied to live.
Cursing the past that was lost for no reason.
Trying to resurrect the present.
My deep pain was hidden under my smile.
You knew that.
Your sorrow and regret was covered by your gentle eyes.
I knew that.
We both could see hope fighting with the fear.

When was the right time to admit that it was our biggest mistake?
Will we ever regain what we felt or it is lost forever?
Why we left our unborn potential to die?

We both wished for a new start.
We both wished we could forgive.
We both wished this was our first date. 
We both were trying to forgive our lost moments.
We both were exploring reasons that could bring us together. 
We both were angry with the fate that didn't give us the chance.  
We both felt humiliated knowing that we destroyed our destiny.
We both were witnesses of a love that was killed in an immature game.
We both regretted that had not the courage to be brave when we had the time.
We both tried to ignore our ruthless desire to make love and get lost in our passion. 

Please don’t admit that you regret it, my eyes whispered full of sorrow.
I’m sorry, you were shouting in your silence.
Our eyes eternal game, always.
You looked at me. I miss you.
I hold your hand. I need you.
Questions and talks.
Wishes and regrets.

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