Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Sometimes all you need is a good wine, some friends around and a great appetite to live out of bounds.
You need to spend some time with familiarity, forget all your worries and become a child again.
You need to laugh out loud and speak without thinking, recovering embarrassing secrets.  
You need to dance like no one is watching you, becoming ridiculous till you fall down. 
You need to share funny stories and stupid moments and humiliate the present.
You need to sing, no matter how out of tune and terrible you‘re heard.
You need to repeat the words "marvellous" and "perfect" many times. 
You know you will feel ashamed the next day, but you don’t care.
You need to set yourself free, without rules, without hesitations.
You need to spend some time with your carefree nature. 
You need to feel like you‘re just reborn and clean.
You need to break free through your exposure.
You need to let all toxic thoughts go away. 
You need to mess around and just look.
You need to forget your ordinary life.
You need to live with all your senses.
You need to play with your limits.
You need to spoil yourself. 
You focus on present. 
This time is all yours.
You refill yourself.
You feel alive. 
You go on. 

Defragment finished.



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